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  by ExCon90
I also don't see how well those would work out on the upper level. The armrest will be poking out into the aisle, and turn into a great snag hazard for backpacks & jackets.[/quote]
Actually, I believe the Long Island had exactly that problem with a new design of equipment some years ago, and there were so many complaints about torn clothing they ended up replacing the seats, or at least the armrests.
EC90 and Everyone:

There were problems with the armrests of the M7 MU fleet that were used on the aisle side of their 3-2 seats because of how they were placed and men's front trouser pockets were particularly vulnerable to their wrath...

I believe their design had to either be modified or outright replacement was done on the entire 1174 car fleet-836 LIRR and 338 MNCR M7s in total...

If there is a similar seat problem METRA should correct it now instead of going through the costly experience the NY MTA went through with the arm rests on their M7 car fleet...

  by F40CFan
Wonderful. These geniuses just refuse to learn from the past.

These seats look to be the same as what the SEPTA Silverliner Five cars have - only the color scheme is different.

  by Gilbert B Norman
Well volks, you'd better learn to like the 50% you'll be riding backwards:

https://metrarail.com/about-metra/newsr ... dern-seats" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

They're going fleet wide as they shop cars. One plus; a USB and charging power outlet.

I guess the retort to those who have no use riding backwards; "they've been doing it overseas" since Matthew Murray.
  by CHTT1
The original Highliners on the Metra Electric, ex-Illinois Central, lines had fixed seating, running from the early 1970's until about two years ago. The seats were perhaps the most comfortable in commuter rail. Passengers who didn't like to ride backwards learned to find seats in the "forward facing" section. There was no commuter revolt over the seats. The thing that ticked off Electric riders were the ticket gates at both ends of the trip paired with trainmen "auditing" tickets in between. Passengers had to use their their tickets three times for one trip as opposed to riders on other lines having only to show them once. That caused a revolt and got the gate machines removed. I have to chuckle when transit "experts" call for closed ticketing on Metra. Passengers on the Electric hated the system. It won't go over any better on any other routes.
  by F40CFan
I'm glad I no longer have to take Metra on a daily basis. Those "new" seats are horrible, no matter how they try to paint them.
  by Gilbert B Norman
I did a round trip yesterday for Lunch with a former neighbor (kids out of HS/College; time to bail out for Streeterville) and the Symphony (would have met up with Mr. Dunville as well if he were he not off in Timbuktu) - 1262 in, 1249 back.

METRA is now about as inviting to ride as is the CTA. You wouldn't catch me near it for anything that could be called a joyride.

Every other minute, announcements "don't turn those seats for parties less than three", "keep your feet on the ground not on the seats". This insolent Ticket Clerk who, when I forgot my Senior Permit, and would not accept my Medicare card as proof I'm eligible lectured me "Now I'm going to give you a break THIS time...., but you make sure you have that next time...or else".

The vile shape CUS is presently in, I couldn't "break out of the herd", caught every light the wrong way hoofing X the Loop and was eight minutes late at The Gage (24 S. Mich). Return I guess better because I had only contact with a Conductor to lift my "obtained fraudulently" Half Rate ticket.

I can remember back to the days of the Q, the C&NW, and, if I may say, my MILW, when Chicago was considered the best in the business. Not about to extend that plaudit at this time. The whole experience resembles what one would expect from a demoralized, broke, transit agency.

But when thinking of the alternative - especially the possibility of getting a Pea Shooter aimed at you on an Expressway - I guess it is the lesser of evils.

What else can those new seats giving me vertigo add to the experience?
  by justalurker66
Gilbert B Norman wrote:Every other minute, announcements "don't turn those seats for parties less than three", "keep your feet on the ground not on the seats".
. . .
What else can those new seats giving me vertigo add to the experience?
Fixed seats will remove one of those annoying messages. The other will not be removed without time travel back to an age when passengers respected the railroad. When people dressed up for travel and going on the train was an event not just transportation.