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  by Ken V
Take a look at this topic for the answer: What do the VIA locomotive code numbers mean?

Well, almost. The latest suffix, the letter h, represents the current F40PH-2 rebuild program.
  by timberley
Just to add to what Ken said:

There were 3 orders of F40s for VIA, so they got the GPA-30a, GPA-30b, and GPA-30c. The one-off rebuild prototype 6400 received the classification GPA-30d, which seemed to follow logically from that sequence. The rest of the rebuilds, though, received the GPA-30h designation. I was at first a little confused as to why they skipped to "h" instead of using "e", "f", or "g". I expect it is to indicate the fact the subsequent rebuilds have the separate HEP generator which the original F40s lacked.

So for the modern rebuilds: h = separate HEP generator. This will soon be the designation for the entire fleet, once all rebuilds are completed.
  by missthealcos
keep in mind also, the Via class system is one of the few reminders that it was once part of CN. The GPAXXX designations made more sense when there were B units in the fleet! GPB17a, MPB18a etc. The "A" is now redundant(and has been for over 20 years now), but somehow comforting that it's still there!

Also, the "P" is Passenger(as opposed to the GFA17 that the freight F7's carried)...another now redundant piece of info.
  by timberley
timberley wrote:
There were 3 orders of F40s for VIA, ...
Correction: I meant to say deliveries, rather than orders.