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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by FtHill1231
Did other railroads besides Bangor & Aroostook engage in potato haulage?
  by NHV 669
CP/Irving are hauling them right now, a few cars here and there.
  by Jedijk88
Aroostook Valley
  by BAR
The Long Island Rail Road hauled potatoes back when. "Long Island Potatoes" were grown on the far east end of the island and were identified as such on packaging. Long Island ducks were another well known agricultural product back before the land became more valuable for housing than for agriculture.

Unrelated but what is Pompy?

MP 37, CSX Peninsula Subdivision
  by NHV 669
BAR, it refers to the Newport/Lyndonville sub presently operated by WACR of Vermont Rail System. A reference to the river it travels over down by Kendal Station.

3 more potato loads west today over the Moosehead.
  by BAR
Thanks. I have travelled over that line from WRJ to Newport and return on two speeder excursions but no one referred to it as the Pompy.
  by edbear
Pompanoosuc = Pompy
  by BAR

Thanks for the info.

  by Cowford
I'm sure the MEC had some potato houses, and Lilliput WW&F handled spuds as well. Not quite New England, but Long Island Railroad handled thousands of originating potato loads probably into the 50s. Years ago, I met a retired Long Island engineer that had stories of firing many a potato extra.
  by S1f3432
Seem to remember seed potatoes and fertilizer being delivered to Fryeburg in the springtime
back in the '70s. Most people think of Aroostook County when potatoes are mentioned but in
fact they are grown in the river valleys in the southern part of the state especially the upper
Androscoggin River valley from Canton to Bethel and the Saco River around Fryeburg.
  by octr202
Even further from New England, but into at least the mid-1980s, my family's shortline in Chester County, PA (Octoraro Railway, now the East Penn Railway) received potatoes from the northwest (Idaho, Montana, etc) in BN reefers, destined for Herr's Snack Foods in Nottingham, PA. No idea if any of this traffic from that region is left today, but given the massive quantities some food conglomerates must use, it wouldn't surprise me. (Herr's is a pretty small, regional company making potato chips, etc - nothing like the size of the national brands. Surprising they were still able to buy and ship in that volume then.)

The BN reefers used in the 80's for this traffic were, let's just say, not the pride of the fleet. They were pretty temperamental, and as a kid I tagged along with my dad on many occasion to check on reefers which ended up online over the weekend. The RR was responsible for monitoring them for proper temperature until they got to Herr's siding.
  by wally
perhaps the New Haven hauled some? albeit originating from maine. didn't they have some reefers with "state of maine / products"? assume they were potatoes.
  by svobronco
We know Penn Central didn't haul potatoes
  by MEC407
They would've been mashed potatoes by the time Penn Central got done with 'em. 😂
  by jaymac
At the risk of seeming like what I am (a retired English teacher), wouldn't better phrasing be "POTATO ORIGINATING RR'S?" No shortage of other railroads forwarded potatoes that originated on northern Maine and eastern Long Island lines.