Discussion relating to the past and present operations of the NYC Subway, PATH, and Staten Island Railway (SIRT).

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  by Frank
These videos were taken in June and September of 2016. The first video is of some rerouted IND R160 E trains as well as F trains at 63rd Street-Lexington Ave a few months before the Second Ave Subway opened. The station was clearly going under renovation at the time. For some reason despite the renovations, they kept some of the old tile in one of the entrances! The second video is of a short ride on an IRT R62A 1 train from 23rd St to 28th Street on the IRT Broadway-7th Ave Line.

NYCTA R160 E and F train action at 63rd St Lexington Ave

Ride on an R62A 1 train from 23rd St to 28th St

Enjoy! :-)
  by Frank
These videos were taken on a trip in August 2016. The first video is of some R62A and R142A 6 train action at the picturesque Whitlock Ave station in the Bronx. Situated right next to the Sheridan Expressway and a located a short distance away form Hunts Point Ave and Simpson Street on the 2 and 5 trains. The station has relatively little ridership but had good views of trains approaching from the Bronx River Bridge and exiting the tunnel just outside the station. The abandoned Westchester Ave station of the former New York, Westchester, and Boston Railroad is located very close by and can be seen in the distance. The second video is of some R62A and R142A 6 train action at 116th Street station on the Lexington IRT. The line runs on two levels on this section of the line with local track on the upper level and express tracks on the lower level.

August 2016 NYCTA Subway action at Whitlock Ave

NYCTA R62A and R142A 6 train action at 116th St

Enjoy! :-)
  by Frank
These videos were also taken on a August 2016 trip to NYC. The first video is of some NYCTA R62A and R142A 4 and 6 train action at 103rd St on the Lexington IRT. 103rd street was recently renovated, the only way I can tell the difference it was 103rd Street was because of the placement of the lighting. The Lexington IRT likely saw its peak ridership in 2016, with the opening of the Second Ave Subway, its ridership has gone down somewhat. The second video is of some NYCTA R46 and R160 action at 5th Avenue-59th Street on the Broadway BMT. It is located at the southeast corner of Central Park. The Plaza Hotel is located outside the station and the Central Park Zoo is nearby.

August 2016 NYCTA 6 Subway action at 103rd St

August 2016 NYCTA R46 and R160 action at 5th Ave 59th St

Enjoy! :-)
  by matt
Some fantastic videos, I hope to share a couple from the NYC area late November after a trip there.
  by Frank
I haven't uploaded any NY Subway videos in a while but these two videos are of R160 F and Diverted E train action at 21st St-Queensbridge and Roosevelt Island on the 63rd Street Line. These are some of the newer stations on the NY Subway both opened in 1989, they are in better shape than the Archer Ave stations which opened a year earlier. I apologize for the quality of some of the videos but the station lighting in these stations weren't the best. The E trains were diverted when I took these videos because of Hurricane Sandy related repairs to the 53rd St Tunnel which the E uses. Both Videos were taken in September 2016.

I personally do consider in some ways that the 63rd St line is a marvel of engineering. :-)

Some R160 E and F train action at 21st Street Queensbridge

Some R160 E and F train action at Roosevelt Island

  by andrewjw
I believe the 53rd street closure was officially credited as "signal modernization," e.g. CBTC installation. Though I don't know if the official line is accurate.