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  by rrbluesman
After the PRSL merger, did passenger traffic continue on the former Reading main from Camden to Winslow as a normal commuter operation or was everything switched over to the former PRR side? I have seen pics of stations like the one at Williamstown Jct and the restored building at Magnolia, got me wondering whether the Reading through Camden County saw regular passnger moves.
  by JimBoylan
Camden - Hammonton commuter trains lasted until the early 1960s, 1 Camden - Clementon commuter train then ran about a year longer.
Employee timetables said that passenger trains could use either route between Center Tower and Winslow Jct. on signal indication.
  by JJMDiMunno
Commuter service was terminated between Clementon and Hammonton on April 28, 1961. Service continued between Camden and Clementon until July 16, 1965 when it was terminated. The last trains to Clementon were single BUDD RDC's.

Mike DiMunno
  by mitch kennedy
There were also incidences of detour trains via the Clementon Br and then Millville Br thru Pavonia and up the PRR to Jersey Tower by AC-Philly trains when the "below grade" stretch of the AC main was flooded (after the Patco relocation and before Phila service was terminated in 1969) I recall a PRSL baldwin and 2 PRR P-70's at speed thru Magnolia a few times--plus the Ice Capades "streamliners" mentioned in this forum a few years back, from Pavonia to AC via the Clementon Branch. How I missed the sound of the RDC every weekday morning and night as it would stop at Evesham Ave. We lived a block from the tracks but the houses were new enough that no trees blocked the view! Happy PRSL New Years to all.........