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  by marquisofmississauga
Station Aficionado wrote:Ok, it's been three months since Phillips' column appeared. Anyone heard or seen anything that would confirm what he said?
From the answer to question 31 in the follow-up to this year's annual public meeting it would appear this is not going to happen soon, notwithstanding what Mr. Phillips said.

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Although I can't find it now, I have read a more recent comment on-line from VIA's CEO that negotiations with Canadian Pacific have not yet commenced.
  by Station Aficionado
Sort of suspected that was the case--thanks.
  by Miss Chief
What was reason behind VIA choosing the CN route over the CP route? Many believe the southern route is superior in scenery and serves more people in small communities.

Not that I have issues with either CN or CP, just curious.
CN was a Crown Corporation at the time the Canadian was switched to the CN route so perhaps the Government's thought at the time was to keep it all in the family.

No mater what route the Canadian took across northern Ontario....the remote service obligation along the CN route would still have to be met.....so why not just have the Canadian provide this.

Scenery through the mountains is great via either route.....but if someone wanted to experience the CP route, they still could ride the Rocky Mountaineer. VIA had started the “Canadian Rockies by Daylight” trains in the late '80s and sold the service to Rocky Mountaineer in 1990 so any service on the CP route by VIA after that date might have been considered unfair government subsidized competition.
  by Miss Chief
Thank you for the info. I kind of suspected that was case with unfair government subsidized competition. It's just now
Calgary is left without VIA train services. An all VIA operated triangle around Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton would surely attract many locals and tourists alike.

Those who were fortunate enough to experience both Canadians are very blessed.