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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by Conrail Blue
I've searched and couldn't find any threads dedicated to Port Reading yard and its operations so I figured I'd make one. Does anyone know when the locals run out of there? I've always wanted to catch them working the businesses in Avenel but I could never get there at the right time. Also PR-20 working the Perth Amboy industrial. If anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  by kilroy
Not sure about the local industry jobs. I have seen them go out to Perth a boy in mid to late afternoon a couple of times but I'm not around there enough to know if that is the exception or the rule.

Trains out of Motiva usually run in he mornings. They use to start around 8 am pretty consistently a year or two ago but I don't think it is quite as consistent anymore.
  by rr503
What train brings cars to PR?
Is it the same one that goes to Sayreville, or is it separate?
  by RailsEast
Train OI-16 brings cars down every day (running as JR-2 on Monday and Tuesday) from Oak Island, setting out at Pt. Reading in the early afternoon, then continuing to Browns Yard in Sayreville. Motiva pulls are still early morning (8:00ish), PR-8 runs south on the GS Secondary to NJT to access Raritan River Steel & Cutters siding early afternoon on a few days. Oil trains and locals to the Linden branch are as needed. The Reformatory branch runs as needed, I think mid-late morning if I remember correctly. Local to Perth Amboy can run late afternoon as needed. Early morning (7:00-8:00am) NS intermodal train to E-Rail (Elizabeth, forget symbol offhand) is a regular visitor as well. Keep the radio on 160.9350 for activity in the area.....
  by kilroy
NS train is 20arrrrrrrrrr (20R).
  by RailsEast
Just a quick heads-up....newly painted NS 3365 has been teamed up with NS 1700 (EL unit) this week on the OI-16, if anyone is interested......

http://njtwom.rrpicturearchives.net/sho ... id=4460705" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

  by rr503
Caught them this morning from the TPK (my first heritage unit!)
Also, there is a BCOL GE sitting at the end of the motavia (?) siding.
  by joesirr
A few questions if I may. I listen mostly all day and night to 160.935, 160.860, 160.980 and Coastline.

1) Is Detector CP PD now CP Ron?

2) What is "The Horn"? Is it what looks something like a double Wye by Carteret St and Renewal Way (CP Ron)? I haven't driven there yet, just going by Wikimapia. http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=40.56 ... 2871/CP-PD

3) PR 20 says to Coastline dispatcher he's at Perth Amboy Industrial and wants to go straight across to the Garden State but I really can't see too much. Where exactly is Wood? Under The Outerbridge?

Please consider that I don't live in NJ but across the Arthur Kill. Any other info would be appreciated; Maybe like where are other CPs etc.Thanks!
  by RailsEast
1) Yes, although the detector still transmits "PD" when trains pass
2) The Horn is the connecting track from the Port Reading Secondary to the Garden State Secondary (making a wye at that location). 'Ron' has nothing to do with the naming of that local street.
3) WOOD interlocking is beneath the Outerbridge Crossing approach on the Jersey side; Conrail trains enter/exit the NJT North Jersey Coast Line at this location (OI-16, PR locals to Cutter siding on NJT). Perth Amboy Industrial locals also utilize this space, and are required to ask permission through the interlocking. This area is inaccessible to the general public (unless you know of a 'hole in the fence' somewhere, which I don't).......hope this helps.
  by joesirr
I live less than a half mile from the Perth Amboy Industrial track and listen to PR 20 every night; usually on 160.860. Sometimes they use Channel 4-160.980 and South Jersey Dispatcher channel-160.935. This Sunday I heard what I think was PR 32 (Thirty two) drilling using 160.620 which is listed as the NI Dispatcher on the River sub division.
  by Bracdude181
OI-16 is working Port Reading and should be leaving for Browns soon.

Also in the yard is UP 5773 and KCSM 4714.
  by Bracdude181
Conrail JR05 Westbound at CP RON 5:45 PM. No defects.

CSXT 1712 leading (SD40E3)
CSXT 8089
NS 5285 (EW)

28 cars for Browns Yard.
  by AceMacSD
Related to Port Reading traffic. We have been fixing up Stiles Street yard. Stone cars there the last few days. NS had a big hand in this project. Stay tuned.