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  by george matthews
My wife is thinkng of taking the route from Bridgeport to Port Jefferson and then to JFK.

Are there likely to be any problems if we can be sure of the times? Is the ferry reliable, and the train?

  by Otto Vondrak
Metro-North does not serve Long Island. Port Jefferson is served by the Long Island Rail Road. Check their official site for more information.



  by 7 Train
You must mean the Bridgeport-Port Jeffeson steamboat ferry.

For schedules visit their website:


  by chuchubob
On a railfan trip several years ago, I took the LIRR to Port Jeff, walked a mile or so DOWN HILL to the ferry, took the ferry to Bridgeport, and then Metro North to Grand Central Terminal. It was a most enjoyable trip.

  by DutchRailnut
the last statment implies that George and his bride will have to lug the lugage uphill to the train from the ferry ???
My suggestion is take MNCR into GCT and take the Airport bus from 41st and park ave for about $10 per person(last time I used it)
  by eddiebear
It's a fun ride and walk-ons are OK upon payment of the appropriate passage rate. At Port Jeff. you have about a half mile or so walk up hill to the LI Station. I would suggest this be done on a lark, not on a serious trip to the Airport. I used the ferry both ways with my car, Aug, 1980 to Natl Assoc of Timetable Collectors meet in Rockville Ctr.

  by george matthews
Sorry for posting in the wrong section. However, she is in fact starting from Old Saybrook so will use either Amtrak to Bridgeport or Shoreline East and MetroNorth.

Alas, I shall not be going myself as I am in Britain. I wish I was going that way. I looked at the map last year in Connecticut and thought it might be a nice trip. Now that the new link to JFK is operational it seems a good way of avoiding the crowds in new York Penn Station.

  by JFB
It's doable. The ferry is reliable, pending weather, and, in my experience, getting a cab at the ferry landing at Port Jeff is pretty easy--trekking an uphill mile to the station, with luggage, would be most unpleasant.

For speed and convenience, however, her best bet is to take Amtrak to Penn Station, then transfer to an LIRR train to Jamaica, where she can catch the Airtrain to JFK.

If she decides to take the cheaper SLE/Metro North route into the City, be sure she knows that she'll arrive at Grand Central, not Penn Station. From there, she'll have to walk or take the subway (1 transfer) to Penn. Or she can take a bus directly from GCT to JFK.

Confusing, sure. But isn't it nice to have three rail options from New London to New York?

  by george matthews
Last year we arrived at Newark airport, took the NJT into New York Penn where we had business. Then from Grand Central to new Haven and change to the Shore Line East (very old train) and on to Old Saybrook.

We came back with Amtrak to Newark Penn and took the bus to the airport - the monorail is all very well, but it does cost extra.

So the ferry is an interesting alternative. Unfortunately I am not there this year.