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  by Noel Weaver
As far as I can tell they are still using some of the older locomotives but I can't swear to that. I might get a ride in hopefully while the detour trains are running.
Noel Weaver
  by njtmnrrbuff
I take that back, the Hialeah Metrorail Transfer Station is in a rough neighborhood. There are a lot of people there transferring from the Metro to Tri-Rail. You do not want to wander around the immediate area of the station. In 2014 I spent a little time photographing there, and then boarded the next train.
  by Noel Weaver
The BEST place to transfer between Metro-Rail and Tri-Rail is without doubt Miami Airport station. It is clean, modern, safe and secure. There are police officers nearby and decent rest rooms as well. The two systems are connected by elevators and escalators that work too.
You will be boarding both systems at the initial station which is a plus too. Unless you are headed further out to Hialeah Park on the Green Line the rat race at Metro-Rail is history.
Noel Weaver
  by chrsjrcj
I agree with Noel. In fact, this is even more true on weekends when the Orange line (Metrorail to Miami Airport) runs twice as frequent as the Green line (Metrorail to Hialeah). A couple weekends ago, I took Tri-Rail to Miami and transferred to Metrorail at the Airport station. I was already halfway to downtown before the next Green line train stopped at the Tri-Rail transfer station.

Note you can track Metrorail trains on Miami Dade transit's website- http://www.miamidade.gov/transit/traint ... lected=MIA" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;