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All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

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  by jgallaway81
I just posted a hefty plea for A&A boxcars in G Scale over at the Aristocraft forum.

Anyone interested should post their interest there as Aristo is one of the best in the scale.

http://www.aristocraft.com/vbulletinfor ... php?t=9819

  by Benjamin Maggi
Funny, I just told Ricky Rupp (of Modern Rails... a G scale decal provider) that he should probably start working on some decals for the A&A boxcars because I wanted one in 1:29 and no one made them.

  by leftyfretguy
How much roughly would these decals cost? I don't model in 1/29 yet (need the right engine to be offered first:)) I do model in 1:20.3/1:22.5 and would like a car with Arcade & Attica on the side even if it is the wrong gauge.

  by Benjamin Maggi
I don't think Ricky has made them yet. You can contact him at ModernRails.com for more information. I have asked him about this, but he has not confirmed that he has made them yet. He does EXCELLENT work.

  by jgallaway81
Apparently Ricky found either this thread, or the one at Aristo, because my email inbox was stuffed with pictures of an O scale boxcar he did, and a USA Trains 44-tonner dec'd out in A&A's "TigerStripes" paintscheme and stencilled #112.

Now, to add to the A&A market...

My model railroad is set in 2032, and uses steam for freight power... we ended up purchasing a fleet of retired CR 100ton hoppers for fuel service.

Since we absorbed the A&A in the previous decade, we wanted to advertise "our" passenger excursions.

Presenting A&A hopper in 'fuel' service, ARA 30004:

Now, you might be wondering why the paint scheme? The colors are obvious, but, no, the orange does NOT represent a rotary coupler. We needed to create a standard, and the Freedom Central's goal has long been to steel the Harriman award from the NS, so we decided that safety would play with our paint scheme.

God forbid it ever happen, should a hopper ever runaway, someone willing to swing aboard to try and tie on a handbrake has only to find the orange end. ALL oif the hoppers on the FCR are painted this way, with the A&A fuel hoppers leading the fleet.

  by Benjamin Maggi
The 44 Tonner was mine (#112), but I wonder who owns A&A equipment in O scale. I know MTH has a boxcar out because I just bought one from EBay last week, but other stuff could be floating out there too!

Jason, that is an interesting concept for a railroad, and a pretty looking coal hopper.

  by Otto Vondrak
I thought this thread was for boxcars, what does the freelanced hopper have to do with anything?

  by Benjamin Maggi
Jason wanted the boxcar from Aristocraft and had already had some custom-painted Aristocraft hoppers. The decal maker for those hoppers was Ricky Rupp. While Jason was asking Aristocraft to make those boxcars commercially, I was asking Ricky privately to make me the decals for the same cars.

Then, posting pictures of the hoppers was a natural extension.