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All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

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  by thebigham
What are the plans and/or goals for the Arcade & Attica in 2006?

The A&A received grant money last year for the steam engine. Will it be back in service this year?

The A&A received money from NYS. Has this money been released to the A&A? What are the plans for this money? I'm sure it's going for trackwork.

Passenger trains begin in 3 weeks. Let's hope high gas prices don't keep riders away.

Freight business seems to continue to be very good.

I used to live in Arcade, but I moved to NYC, so I am out of the loop.




  by thebigham
The NS Olean local left 8 cars for the A&A on Mother's Day.

The damaged red caboose stored at Arcade Junction is gone. Where did it go?


  by Benjamin Maggi
Good question. I don't know.

  by nessman
Any updates on the $$$ the A&A received from NYS this year? Has work begun?

  by BSOR Patarak
Very minor work has begun towards the funding. The major work will be bid out for work during 2007. This has allowed for planning and preparations of bid packages. Work will be concentrated from Arcade Junction to Curriers. The A&A crews also purchased materials and replaced a grade crossing on the north end towards North Java. A good portion of the grade crossings have been replaced with heavier rail, new ties and epflex type crossings. There has been much discussion on why money isn't spent on heavier rail with this project and can be debated. It is felt that by making major improvements in the road bed structure on the heaviest utilized section and with steel prices high, that the rail will be investigated at a later date. This will go a long way in strengthening the southern section and getting the most bang for the buck.

One thing to keep in mind in the debate is the fact that the A&A has always been a shortline. This means that the road bed and track structure was always way below mainline standards. Many other area shortlines started life as class 1 branch lines and were built more heavy duty...thus a better base, better drainage, tie plates etc. This sure makes it easy to upgrade to heavier stuff when the base is secure. The A&A has made strides in drainage and tie condition...but now will come more ties, stone and drainage improvements that should include tamping and lining. Securing the base will help make the worn out pieces work a little longer until more can be done.

All in all, thank you to New York State for this wonderful opportunity to make needed improvements! We'll see how the work progresses and how far it will go!


  by thebigham
The A&A crews replaced the Welch Road crossing before North Java in September.