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  by railtrailbiker
Does anyone know when the last train (freight or passenger) ran between Spring Valley and Suffern?

Also, where exactly is the washout that's preventing any traffic from using that line now?

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  by Butlershops
You might get more information on this matter in the NY State Railfans or Metro-North forums. I think Metro-North owns this line.

  by 7 Train
No, NJT owns the entire section from Hoboken-Spring Valley. NS owns the Suffern Industrial Track.

  by Irish Chieftain
False. NJT owns from Hoboken to Montvale, at the NJ border.

  by 7 Train
I saw a rail track map showing that the section in NY State is owned NJT? Is it still? Or is it MNR?

  by mb
I almost 100% sure it's all owned by NJT. MNRR maintains the stations.
  by wantsrail
The washout on the Piermont Branch is located in Monsey about half a mile west of Christmas Tree Rd. It is not much of a washout. It would have taken only a couple days to replace.

MNRR owns the Piermont branch from Spring Valley to Suffren. I have walked this segment.

NJ Transit does not own any tracks in NY State.

  by 7 Train
I thought Spring Valley-Suffern (Suffern Industrial Track) was NS.

  by railtrailbiker
Well of course you're aware that several towns in the Pascack Valley believed NS was preparing to run "heavy frieght" via the PVL.

In order to do that, repairs and upgrades would have been necessary to the Piermont Branch between Suffern and Spring Valley.

So maybe that's what you're seeing. However, I believe there is still a major wash out in Monsey - a non passable one. That would need to be fixed prior to any through service being instituted.

  by JoeG
Even with what trackwork they have done, the branch isn't exactly a high-speed, heavy-duty railroad. I had hoped maybe it was going to be used for equipment moves between Spring Valley and Suffern. From what I understand, the washout in Monsey wouldn't be a major obstacle.
The myth about major freight on the PVL is so bizarre! The railroad dead-ends in Spring Valley. At most, it would go to Suffern. Where do those NIMBYs think the major freight might come from, or go to?

  by Lackawanna484
Back in the mid-1990s, I asked a planning officer in Rockland County about the Monsey Line, and the possibility of through service Suffern to Spring Valley to Hoboken.

He just laughed. Said it would be a great idea, and everyone agreed it would be a great idea. But the communities in the way were deeply entrenched, politically very powerful, and would not be receptive. Even though many people take the Red & Tan and Short Line buses to PABT.

Fifteen years without train service is a long time. Bringing back a dangerous, loud, smoky train would defile the neighborhoods. It would be the Pascack Valley debacle raised to the tenth power.

  by railtrailbiker
Pascack Valley area residents, led by NJ State Assemblywoman Elizabeth Randall, believe freight traffic would be originating west of PJ and that NS would want a route to compete with the CSX River Line.

Since the PVL isn't used at night by NJT, and the Bergen/Main Line is, "heavy freight" could be routed from points west to the Jersey City area overnight.

Equipment moves via the Piermont Branch is the most likely reason for the recent track work. Even a limited number of overnight moves will bring the NIMBYs out in force though.

  by trainfreak
Is this the line that you can see from Rt 287 when you go east just getting out of Suffern? I know there is one grade crossing that can easily be seen from the highway and i was wondering if this was the line.

  by Lackawanna484
trainfreak wrote:Is this the line that you can see from Rt 287 when you go east just getting out of Suffern? I know there is one grade crossing that can easily be seen from the highway and i was wondering if this was the line.


It was originally the main line of the Erie, running to Pier-mont dock.
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