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  by erielackawanna
Here is a picture I took of the northbound midday train in Hollywood FL in March of 1991.

http://freericks.rrpicturearchives.net/ ... ?id=877041

As I recall, the midday service was a fairly new thing back then. Does anyone by any chance still have a timetable from that time? I would like to know what the train nubmers were for the midday trains.

Thanks so much in advance.

  by Noel Weaver
Interesting question, 1991 is before I even considered retirement in
Florida but the "famous" CSX employee timetable that covered the entire
system as of April 1, 1989 showed the following service by Tri-Rail:
P-201 Fort Lauderdale 0600 - Miami Airport (Hialeah) 0636
P-203 West Palm Beach 0600 - Miami 0734
P-205 West Palm Beach 0640 - Miami 0814
P-207 Fort Lauderdale 0829 - Miami 0905
P-209 Boca Raton 0817 - Miami 0920
P-211 Cypress Creek 1647 - Miami 1731
P-213 West Palm Beach 1720 - Miami 1855
P-215 Boca Raton 1815 - Miami 1918
P-217 West Palm Beach 1815 - Miami 1949

P-200 Miami 0515 - Fort Lauderdale 0550
P-202 Miami 0640 - West Palm Beach 0813
P-204 Miami 0700 - Boca Raton 0802
P-206 Miami 0742 - Fort Lauderdale 0820
P-208 Miami 1550 - Cypress Creek 1632
P-210 Miami 1617 - West Palm Beach 1751
P-212 Miami 1645 - Boca Raton 1747
P-214 Miami 1800 - West Palm Beach 1933
P-216 Miami 1900 - West Palm Beach 2033

Cypress Creek and Boynton Beach stations were not officially in service
at the time this timetable too effect but were probably put into service not
long after the effective date.
Miami means the airport station for the above trains.
Hope this is helpful.
Noel Weaver

  by erielackawanna

Thanks so much for this... it's actually before the midday trains were added in 1991, but it's still great information to have.