• Pics of 14 and 18 as of 1/22/08

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All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

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  by userj8670


Image[/img] whats left of the cab looking to the right

Image looking to the left

URL=http://good-times.webshots.com/photo/29 ... 2341njwcMW]Image[/URL] orange has been applied!


sory for the not so great pix...still learning how to use the new camera and the lighting was not so great. hope you enjoy:)[/img][/list]

  by userj8670
well that didnt work out the way i wanted but at least they are posted...anyone know what i did wrong to make them so small??

  by thebigham
Thanks for the pics!

  by Otto Vondrak
It's okay because they link to the full size ones... thanks for sharing!


  by userj8670
what did i do wrong here?

  by jr
Very nicely done!

Thanks for taking the time to post them. They bring back many happy memories.


  by Benjamin Maggi
Thanks for the pictures. I am glad they painted #18 with the orange trim, because I think it looks so much better than white. As for #14... how sad. Still, nice pictures.

  by med-train
userj8670 wrote:what did i do wrong here?
I have been posting the small pictures too, not knowing how to make them bigger. You don't need to click on any of the buttons while using the "Post a reply" window. When you are in Webshots, and go down to the area to link your photo you will see a row of numbers across the top of that window. 100 is default, click on the 425 for a larger picture. Then click on the third URL line "Link To Forum" When that line is highlighted press Ctrl-C to copy it to clipboard. Return to forum window, Press Enter to skip a line and then press Ctrl-V to insert that long line of text. Then press enter again to move cursor down under that line and type your comment under the line. That long line becomes your picture.