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  • All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad
All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

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  by thebigham
Page 28: #14 hooking up to the gon in Curriers. Photo by Joseph Cooper.

I'm not sure who the brakeman is in the pic.
  by jgallaway81
If its 14, it has to be vintage... 14 hasn't run since... 88?

Or are we talking about a "cold" move of the engine?
  by BSOR Patarak
Cool, I missed that picture. I'd guess that the photo caption is wrong. It is actually 18. You can see the laminated pilot beam (5 layered wood to form the one beam.) 14's is steel. The picture appears to be from the 2009 season I believe (based on the date on the gon truck and the lack of the roof). The conductor's name is Anthony.