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  by Otto Vondrak
Nice pictures, Brian, thanks for sharing!


  by Dieter
Agreed! Nice shots, and perhaps the last shots in snow of the electrical towers?

In the lighting, it's difficult to tell if the new station is new or old.

Thanks for braving the elements!


  by mncommuter

I have one to add:


  by Terrapin Station
Thanks everyone. Yeah, a lot of action in 30 minutes! My wife usually drives to work, and I usually take RailLink to Spuyten Duyvil, but since she decided to stay home, I drove (slowly and with much spinning and skidding) over to Riverdale in order to get lots of cool snow shots, as well as test out my new camera.

Two things which made the photos not as good as they could have been: 1) the snow flakes were HUGE and from certain points on the platform you can see that they reflected the platform lights and also blocked large chunks of train! and 2) the clear filter on my lens was causing headlights to be shown as green, reverse images in my photos. I solved that temporarily by removing the filter, and as this (non-MNCR) photo I took today shows, it's all good now. I've been told to try to find a higher-quality filter that may not cause the green dots.