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Perris Valley Line | Metrolink
Should open June 6

The site has some video of the line. It's all single-track, though rebuilt with new ballast and concrete ties.

The schedule: 3 peak-time trains (morning: PV -> LAUS, evening: LAUS -> PV) and 3 midday trains (PV <-> Riverside). The schedules also list some LAUS <-> Riverside trains. Will these connect to buses that parallel the PV line?
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91/Perris Valley Line - Wikipedia

The Perris Valley Extension did indeed open on June 6, 2016.

From Wikipedia, "In 2005, an RCTC-commissioned study determined that extending the line to San Jacinto[22] via an underused rail line owned by RCTC, and/or to Temecula via a brand-new trackage, would be feasible.[23]"

In the first option, the line would run along Case Rd. to Winchester, then into Hemet and then into San Jacinto, where it would end. There is an existing line there, or at least the trace of such a line there.

In the second option, the line would likely run in I-215 southward or beside that freeway.