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  by algomakeith
I recently discovered a song by Johnny Cash called "Southwind". I have found out that the "Southwind" was a Pennsylvania Railroad passenger train that ran from Chicago to Florida from 1940 to 1971. I have not been able to find any photos of the "Southwind".

Does anyone know where I can locate good colour photos of the passenger cars, locomotives and more information on the "Southwind"?

Keith Hopkin
  by Espee9180
A quick Google Search comes up with the following:

"The train, beginning service in December 1940, used a seven-car trainset built by the Budd Company. The set, which did not include sleepers, was similar to trains built for the Seaboard Air Line's New York-Miami Silver Meteor and the Southern's New York-New Orleans Southerner, except that it was painted in the Pennsylvania's Tuscan Red, which required special preparation of the stainless steel that composed the cars' sides.
The South Wind ran every third day between its respective endpoint cities, in coordination with the Dixie Flagler (an FEC-owned train that used the Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad (C&EI), L&N, Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis Railway (NC&STL), Atlanta, Birmingham and Coast Railroad (AB&C), ACL and FEC) and the City of Miami--another colorful seven car Illinois Central Railroad train, which ran south of Birmingham by the Central of Georgia Railroad and ACL to Jacksonville, then on to Miami via the FEC. Additionally, when service was initiated, there were actually three every-third-day trains on each route. The Dixie Flagler was accompanied by the Dixieland and Dixiana; the South Wind by the Florida Arrow and Jacksonian; and the City of Miami by the Sunchaser and the Floridan (note absence of the second "i"). This coordination enabled passengers to have the convenience of daily service all along their respective routes between Chicago and Miami. The additional two trains per route were discontinued during World War II."

Here are some links to pictures in the later years:


http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.p ... &nseq=6220
  by algomakeith
Thanks so much to CarterB and Espee9180 for responding to my request for photos and information on the Pennsylvania Railroad train the "Southwind".

Best regards, Keith Hopkin