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  by Redside20
i was watching green frogs "penn central" featuring emery gulash's camera work and in one scene the narrator comments on the big alcos
being the last new units purchased by penn central. Now due to my mistrust of the always lame script by whoever wrote it and their facts,
were these the last new units purchased by the railroad?


  by scottychaos
no, they werent the last PC units.
im not sure exactly which units were last, but since Alco went out of buisness in 1969, and I know some GP38-2's were bought by PC in 1973, its certain that Alcos were not the last..

  by scottychaos
here we go, gotta love that google:
"The SD40's were ordered by PC and were delivered in 1970 long after the merger. In addition, the order was for 40 units. PC canceled an order for 9 SD45's which ended up going to the SP.

PC's last orders were delivered in 1973. They received 123 GP38-2's and 27 U23B's.
This followed the 1972 orders for 100 GP38-2's and 50 U23B's. The 1970 oder for SD40's was the last year for anyhing with high horsepower.
In 1970 they also accepted 15 U33B's from a canceled RI order."



  by NYC-BKO
The C630's were PRR property before the merger, the C636's were ordered by the PRR but delivered under PC in PC paint, Feb., Mar. & Apr. of '68. They probably meant they were the last units ordered by the PRR.