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  by GRSdave
I know that Lippincott & Margulies Advertising of New York in 1967 produced the new logo graphics package for the Great Northern called "Big Sky Blue". They also designed the Burlington Northern's "BN" Green logo pre-merger. My question is what New York designer produced the Penn Central mating worms logo? I know that it was designed by a Madison Avenue agency or it may have been created by a Philadelphia art design team. I read it in an Advertising Age publication at the time but can't locate the story or information to be correct. I am just trying to get to the truth. Does anyone have that information? If you can help. The PC logo was not designed in house at NYC/PRR. It was a Perlman Project. Locomotives were being painted as early as 1965 for the forthcoming merger in very simple paint schemes. Yellow numbers on PRR and white numbers on NYC. Funny that after the Conrail breakup CSX locos had yellow and NS had white!
  by GRSdave
I have read previous threads and saw that Otto Vandrok wrote about this on Tue Nov 16, 2004. And I also spoke
to a designer from a defunct design firm in Massachusetts last night and he vaguely remembers L&M NY as the
PC logo image designer. Many companies bid on that project but L&M was working on other railroads image makeovers
and so we can only assume this to be true. I just wish someone at L&M, now Lippincott could confirm. I'm sure today
they have better things to concern themselves with.

I worked in the jingle business at one time. When you have jingles on WABC, suddenly WNBC also wants jingles from you. Then you get
Z100 and WPLJ follow suit as does WYNY. Suddenly you have 5 stations in one market all using your product. I guess that was
the way of railroads companies thought at the time. They were all going through change big time. It was a bright new world, well maybe.
They trusted one agency. I just wish this aspect of railroading was documented better.
It would make for an awesome book!
  by CarterB
Logo of "mating worms" !! They also did the logos for Trojans??