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  by PennCentralNUT
Can anyone tell me where to find some pics of PC F3's. I have searched several web sites but just find F7's. Did PC scrap the F3's that the NYC and PRR had? Also if the PC did use the F3's what were the road numbers? Thanks for your Help.

  by metman499
There are photos of them in the book Penn Central Power by Bob Yanosey
  by bill8106

Strictly from the NYC side of the merger, it appears the vast majority of the Central's F-3 A's were traded to EMD in 1964-65 (for GP-35s?), some a few years earlier (for GP-20/30s?).

#s 1617, 1619, 1635, and 1875 (originally dual service F-3 #3501) made it to the PC but were retired before the end of 1968.

#1633 made it to the PC but I don't have its disposition.

No B units survived past 1965.

This is out of 34 F-3 A (30 freight units, 4 dual service) and 18 B units (16 freight, 2 dual service) the NYC rostered.

The source of this info is Edson's "NYCS Diesel Locomotives".

I'm 99% sure that no NYC A-units (including F-7As) were renumbered during the PC era, and those that made it to CR also held onto their NYC #s. I think some (if not all) F7 Bs were renumbered.

Hopefully someone else can fill in the Pennsy side of the equation.


  by Typewriters
I have here that as of July 1967, PRR had only 15 F3A units left, and only two F3B units left. Seeing that in January 1966 the PRR had 136 inoperable road freight units (this included streamlined freight cab/booster units and low-nose high horsepower B-B and C-C units) I wonder if, by the 1967 date, the F3 units were still out on the road.

The remaining F3 cab units were in the series 1402-1425; no data on which 15 of these remained. The F3B units remaining in 7/67 were 3501 and 3505.

Source: Pennsy Power II, by Alvin Staufer.

-Will Davis

  by PennCentralNUT
Thanks guys. I probably should have posted this in the modeling section. I have a couple stewart F3's that are begging to be painted black....

  by bill8106

Paint 'em black, throw on cigar band decals and the road numbers that I posted, weather the heck out of them, and stick them in the middle of a lashup of PC GP-40s, or F-7s that the PC did repaint, and it'll be as close to real thing as could be (at least in 1968).

Good luck...