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  by Engineer James
My granddad worked for PC until the break-up into Conrail. I was going through his time books, (he has alot of em') and from what I can tell there were alot of YARD SWITCHERS. He worked the Livernois HUMP, in detroit. Wre there any SW's or locomotives that are not considered ROAD LOCOs working a lot of the yards? :-D

  by LCJ
Yes. Give us the unit numbers and I'm sure we can figure out what they were.

  by Engineer James
LCJ... Ok. I will copy them down tonight...

  by Engineer James
I did noit get a chance... TONIGHT I will.... :( sorry.

  by Engineer James
I have a few pairs:


was PC still around in 1977?

  by LCJ
If these numbers are from 1977, then they are Conrail units and not PC. I have not been able to locate my CR rosters, so I guess I'm no help here. Conrail Cyclopedia (here) doesn't have the numbers listed.

Anyone know what models these units were?

  by RSD15


these are SW1200

Conrail they would be ex EL SW9

  by Engineer James
Any photos.. I also the number appear in the 1975 book too.

  by Tadman
check www.rrpicturearchives.net, they tend to have stuff like that.

  by Engineer James
Some more locos..
9546, 9547, 9503, 9515, 5654, 9505, 9504, 9502, 9560, 9500, 9506, 9516, 8701, 8645, 8486, 9202, 8903, 3196, 3131, 9068, 8634, 9168, 9279, 8944, 7310, 8500, 8762, 8615, 8945, 8615, 8762, 9203.... These are all that come up... These are from 75'.

  by Allen Hazen
Well, the 9500s were EMD SW-1500. It says something about how much switching PC did, and how hopeless some of their old minority-builder switchers were that they bought a fair numberr of new switchers! ... Later, and in even direr financial straits, they re-engined Alco RS-3: I think both management and crews thought of the 9900s (RS3m) as cheap imitation 9500s.
  by Matt Langworthy
Actually, the RS3m program made sense- it combined a useful prime mover from an impractical body/frame into a practicale frame with a dead engine.

The program worked well enough for both EL and CR to copy it. Essentially it was cheap program to build what were basically SW1200s. And I know the rail crews in the Southern Tier liked their RS-3m...

  by Engineer James
So most of them were rebuilt?? Any pics??

  by NYC-BKO
Here's the models per your engine numbers.

9500's - SW1500's
5654 - ex NYC GP7
8701,8762 - ex NYC NW2's
8645,8634 - ex NYC SW900's
8486, 8500 - ex NYC SW1's
9202,9203 - would have to be IHB SW1500's
8903 - ex NYC SW7
8944,8945 - ex NYC SW9's
3131,3196 - GP40's
9068 - ex PRR SW7
9168 - NW2u upgraded to 1200HP
9279 - no known unit number
7310 - ex NYC GP9
8615 - ex NYC SW8

  by Engineer James
Thank you. There were I guess, many switch locos.