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All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

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  by Mountcastle
I'm in the process of building a YouTube channel called "FunTrains". I've only just started, and so far it only features some clips of the vintage Allan Herschell Iron Horse train at Martin's Fantasy Island, but I've managed, tonight, to upload a couple of Arcade & Attica clips (with more on the way).

This one features conductor Pat in the cab of Tank Engine No. 6 shouting, "I want to see me on Railroad.net!" I've been meaning to get this up for a while; better late than never I suppose. And now, without any further ado, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Pat!

  by BSOR Patarak
Thanks James! I guess the message is "be careful what you ask for, because you might actually get it!" Cool. We'll have to do it again sometime.