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  by metraRI
It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Metra engineer and Railroad.net forum member Jim Raymond.

Raymond, known by most as Bones, began his battle with lung cancer in late 2009.

Bones has worked for Metra since 1997, working on the Milwaukee District, Rock Island District, and most recently SouthWest Service.

He will be greatly missed.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

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  by doepack
Sad news. But I'll never forget one of his funniest posts was when he was ranting about the rebuilds when they started coming back from KY. He wasn't happy, and he made no "bones" about it. I'm glad he shared that with us, it was very amusing, and all the more entertaining since he was an insider. He will be missed indeed.

Godspeed, and prayers to his family as we mourn the loss here as well...
  by EricL
I didn't really know Mr Raymond, but I've definitely seen him around, over the years. It's obvious that he was a skilled and respected engineer. Condolences to his family, friends, and Brothers.
Everyone: I remember "Bones" for his knowledgable posts on METRA and his sometimes sarcastic sense of humor...

He will be missed here and I will add "R.I.P." to "Bones" and his family and friends...he had some good ones here at Railroad.Net...

MetraRI: If you or anyone can find the obituary please post it...

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  by Tadman
Sorry to hear that, he was always a good guy to read.
  by TrainManUPRR
I'm very sorry to read this. My thoughts and prayers to his family, friends, Metra brothers and sisters.
  by F40CFan
I always looked forward to his knowledgeable posts. I learned a lot from him. May he rest in peace, he will be missed. Comfort and peace to his family and loved ones.