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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by rrbluesman
Following is a link to a currently study survey regarding passenger rail expansion in New Jersey.


I couldn't find any rules in the FAQ about posting something like this, I'm not 100% sure I posted the link properly, sorry if it's a copy and paste thing. If I'm breaking the rules sharing this feel free to delete the post and I will stand corrected.

Anyway, the survey takes about five minutes and revolves around a major passenger rail expansion in New Jersey, I have taken the study and it is legit.

-Edward Bombaro
  by WashingtonPark
Ed. I answered this, but it worries me. Take Bridgeton for example. You'd have to relay 20 miles of track from Glassboro on ROW which has been majorly encroached on in Elmer and Bridgeton. Going to Glassboro via Vineland adds 15 miles to the trip. Williamstown? 7 miles of track that would have to be relaid through encroached upon ROW in Glassboro. Run 20 miles to Rosenhayne or Landisville? Well at least the track is still there. It would be nice if they would concentrate on getting passenger service on the 9 miles from Camden to Woodbury on the track that's already there. It seems like they've run out of studies they can award on this and have decided on something else that will allow them to hand out millions of dollars to look at something that realistically couldn't be completed in the next 50 years the way NJ does things.
  by rrbluesman
Theoretically Bridgeton could be reached via the former CNJ instead of the former WJS/P-RSL. Based on the questions in the study, I don't think it's an extension of the currently proposed route to Glassboro, I don't recall it mentioning stations that was designed to reach for the most part.
  by WashingtonPark
Going that route, though, would take a good 20 to 30 minutes longer than a bus would. Can't imagine there would be that much traffic between Vineland and Bridgeton to make this viable, which is the only city pair that would be time competitive.