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  by DutchRailnut
Other than two M2 cars involved in crash at Mt Vernon in late 80's and a burned out center car on M4's no cars were scrapped.
  by fordhamroad
-I remember at the time seeing those destroyed M-2 cars scattered across the tracks in the cut west of Mount Vernon station. I do not know how fast they were going on impact, but they certainly broke open. I would imagine the old NH cars would have been much sturdier.
-anyone have any memories of the disaster? Or the clean-up?

  by DAC
Thanks for the information. 8450 has been sitting in New Haven for

  by DutchRailnut
you asked about scrapped cars, not the out of service cars.
about 20 or so cars are permanently out of service, sorry i don't have a list.

  by DAC
Thanks for the information.

  by brnxvill
I remember the crash. It occured just south of the Mt. Vernon station and was pretty bad. I believe both trains were running empty, one was stopped and the other ran into it at fairly high speed. I believe the operator was killed. It was a mess and if I remember, it took down the cat as well. They did clear it up pretty quickly though with a crane. I got close enough to take some photographs that I have'nt been able to locate but will look again to post if I can find them.

  by Clean Cab
M2 cars 8840 and 8517 were wrecked in the horrible Mt. Vernon wreck that happened on 4/6/88. Car #8427 suffered severe fire damage in East Bridgeport yard in 1998 and has been stripped bare. It lies just ouside the Stamford Heavy Repair Shop awaiting its date with the torches.

Out of 244 M2s built between 1972 and 1976, 241 are still in service, although some are most likely not going to re enter service any time soon due to severe damage from fires and crashes.

The current CSR (Critical Systems Replacement) program based in New Haven has put some of these long dormant units back in service within just the last few months.
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  by Otto Vondrak
caution: Please be careful when discussing the Mt. Vernon wreck. It was quite possibly one of the worst accidents on Metro-North, and it affected many people whom are still sensitive about it. Tread lightly.


  by Clean Cab
I was there, I know all too well how bad it was. I was part of the mechanical team from Stamford that responded to the scene. The sight of M2 #8840 sticking 30 feet in the air is a site I will never forget.

  by brnxvill
Agreed Otto.
  by Kurt
Of the 20 or so cars OOS what caused most of the removals from service. With the shortage of cars for New HAven, would it be possible to return them to service as an unpowered trailer? Sandwich them in between the mated pairs, kind of like a home built M6, or would something prevent this, such as excessive weight?

  by DutchRailnut
The cars are not allowed as un powered trailers, FRA rules require the car to work as intended, besides it would still require all auxiliaries and pantograph and transformer etc
even as unpowered trailers you need air compressors for airbag/suspension. batteries/battery charger. you need power for lights/doors etc.
all that stuff does not trainline tru couplers, only a few things do.

  by Clean Cab
The number of OOS M2 cars is rapidly decreasing. At one point some 20 M2s were stored in the "Bone Yard" in New Haven. But as mentioned above the CSR program has put several of them back into service. The most recent gradutes of CSR were 8813 and 8528 that are now running together as yet another mis-matched pair.


  by DAC
A while ago, 8450, 8426 and 8748 were their.

8450 has been, their for many years now.