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  by farecard
Here in WAMTA-land, we seem to keep pronging rolling stock at a regular rate. The fatal crash last summer took out several cars, then more recently a low-speed oops in the yard totaled three more!

There were also fatal wrecks in 1982 http://www.subchat.com/read.asp?Id=875307 and 1996. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:WMATA ... itions.jpg

So I was curious how many BART cars have been damaged to the point they were retired....
  by andrethebusman
BART has lost the following:

101,103 destroyed 11/2/71 during pre-service testing. These were pilot cars, not completed for passenger use

152 wrecked 1/19/75

184,547,581,608,646,683 burned 1/7/79 in the Transbay Tube fire

511 burmned 12/12/79

676 wrecked 12/92

Sorry, but I do not have specifics on what happened in each incident, just dates!
  by farecard
Thanks; it looks like not just WMATA prongs cars.....
  by ExCon90
I was told by a member of the peer-review committee who visited BART during the construction stage (ca. 1967-68?) that when he pointed out the lack of collision posts on the cars he was told "oh, this will be computer-operated--there won't be any collisions."