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  by Tadman
It seems about 7 orange cars are sitting in the yard in EC that is visible from the pedestrian bridge and the Resorts Casino employee lot. I will investigate tomorrow and return with photos if the coaches are still there. Keep in mind this is not on CSS property, rather conrail/NS.

  by dinwitty
the old CSS cars?

  by dinwitty
ah bob harris comes thru

Two are mine (#s 3 & 5); five are National Park Service (#s 6, 23, 33, 107, 203). They are being stored at Mittal Steel at Indiana Harbor. There is no public access to them there. I have no idea how long we will be welcome at Mittal, but we hope and pray that we will have ownership of embargoed track in South Bend, Indiana, in August.

  by Tadman


Although I conducted business from my cellphone on the adjoining beach for the better part of the hour. About ankle deep in Lake Michigan.

  by PRRGuy
Yeah, I drove over there also, didn't see em. I believe it was about 10am oh, well.

  by Milwaukee_F40C
I just read all about the South Bend property battle. I wish you the best of luck.