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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by BR&P
lvrr325 wrote:What's become of OMID 201, 2-bay open hopper? 2006 photos show it sitting in Newark whitelined with "SCRAP" spray painted on it. Is that the same 2-bay that sat in Victor for a long time?
OMID had two former C&I hoppers used for ballast service. Somewhere I have the numbers but working from memory I THINK they were 165 and 404. They were oMID 201 and can't recall if 202 was lettered OMID or ONCT but both spend their entire Ontario Lines life on OMID. Unconfirmed reports said they were scrapped about 3 years ago.

When the ADIR was auctioned off in 1982, a former RDG 2-bay hopper was bought by....RSA Leasing??... and assigned to Ontario Eastern, as ONER 203. When ONER shut down that was sent to Victor where it served ONCT.

Somewhere about 10 years ago (Another one of those things I can produce an exact date if it matters to someone) ONCT arranged a trade. The Reading Technical & Historical Society bought a surplus AMTK ballast car which was shipped via NS to ONCT, becoming their 204. The RDG hopper was trucked out for restoration by the RDG folks.

By the way, the last I knew the former AMTK car - which was a former Airslide covered hopper - was still in service on FGLK as ONCT 204. It may have been relettered by now.
  by judgesmails
Two hoppers were scrapped in the small Newark yard in August 2009. Here are three photos:



  by thebigham
http://www.fltimes.com/news/wayne-count ... 227c9.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Wayne County renews lease with short-line railroad
By STEVE BUCHIERE [email protected] Oct 10, 2016

LYONS — The Wayne County Board of Supervisors has a new five-year track lease agreement with the short-line railroad Ontario Midland Railroad. But it’s not going to bring in revenue for the county. It’s for a dollar a year. Essentially, said Wayne County Administrator Rick House, the county owns the tracks — which comprise a couple of different rail lines that once operated in Wayne County — but Ontario Midland maintains them.
  by Benjamin Maggi
Do they run with any sort of "regular" schedule?
  by Otto Vondrak
Benjamin Maggi wrote:Do they run with any sort of "regular" schedule?
When I spoke to Sandy last winter, she told me they run "as-needed" and a large part of their business is car storage. It sounds like they only run trains if the customer requests a switch.

  by lvrr325
They always used to run west in mid-morning, but it's been ages since I was up that way, the business I used to frequent closed up.
  by charlie6017
Here's a photo I took from the Maple Ave. crossing on 10/5, there wasn't much going on. The cold storage
behind me had a car sitting in their siding.

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  by Benjamin Maggi
Thanks Otto and all for the schedule update.
  by dj_paige
I don't get out to Wolcott very often, but tonight the "yard" there was filled with boxcars and center beam lumber rail cars. At least two tracks were used for storing these cars (and maybe three tracks, I'm not too sure since I was driving by and you know, I had to watch where I was driving). Checking my photos of this "yard" from 2013, there was only one active/usable track at that time.
  by lvrr325
I notice looking at some Google Streetview photos the same small maybe 8,000 gallon tank car tucked in sidings in Williamson and East Williamson, coupled to the same large modern tank car and rusty covered hopper in both shots. and the same FGLK ex-Guilford box car coupled to it in one view, and on the same siding but west of the crossing in the other view.

Is this guy in some kind of captive service up there? It appears to be too old for interchange.
  by BR&P
If that's the car I'm thinking of, here's the story, or at least part of it.

When OMID started up, among the customers it served was Comstock Foods at Red Creek. They had a spur up there on which was an old tank car which they used for temporary storage of some liquid or other - possibly sugar syrup? When they no longer wanted the car, Comstock either gave or sold it to OMID.

OMID used the car a few times when doing their own weed spray. Diagonally across the tracks from the Sodus depot was an Ag service whose owner was a certified herbicide applicator. The tank car would be filled with water, and a flat car would be borrowed from Conrail. The spray guy set up large fiberglass tanks holding the various chemicals and a couple pumps on the flat car, and water was pumped from that tank car. Spray booms on the end of the car applied the mix to the right of way.

What OMID does with it now I don't know, since they contract out with one of the commercial applicators as far as I know. From an historical viewpoint I hope it goes to some museum instead of scrap when they decide to get rid of it.
  by BR&P
OK, after 45 minutes of digging I found the slide I was looking for - only to see that it was taken before OMID got that tank car. But here it is anyway.

Water was carried in the large tanks on the flat car in this scene from early 80's. OMID Track Supervisor T.C. Record in the red hat, contractor Bob Bull with his back to the camera.
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