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  by NH2060
Something tells me this won't go without a fight.

Couldn't GO Transit or another party operate it either for ONR or under a different name?
  by labaienordique
Politics... The announcement was made in Sudbury via teleconference instead of here in North Bay (the headquarters of the ONTC). The communities along the 11 corridor are enraged over this. Here are a few articles & comments by people regarding this.

ONTC for sale

ONTC: ‘Darkest day’: Union, leaders react to news

ONTC: McGuinty pledges commitment in 2002

ONTC: Other shoe drops - SOAPBOXING

MPP for Nipissing Vic Fedeli will be fighting this as said in his press release:

Fedeli reacts to ONTC news
  by labaienordique
Ontario Northland... Not for sale! facebook group

Over 12 000 members
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Where is the solidarity towards this region & Northeastern Ontario in this decision? The government will financially benefit off the minerals & ressources from Northern Ontario, they will benefit from the Ring of Fire, yet they claim they cannot justify operating basic freight, passenger & communication services?

http://www.thepetitionsite.com/585/131/ ... t-for-sale
  by labaienordique
1000 signatures & counting (in less than a day)...
  by labaienordique
CTV Northern Ontario: CTV North Bay's Cindy Males on fallout after sell-off notices on Ontario Northland buses and trains.
http://northernontario.ctv.ca/northbay/ ... deo=644412

CTV Northern Ontario: CTV's Cindy Males with shocking news that the province is selling off the ONTC
http://northernontario.ctv.ca/northbay/ ... deo=644137
  by missthealcos
Sounds like someone is paying too much attention to what was done to BC rail..without caring too much about facts. Here, they spun it that the BCR was beyond hope(a blatant lie), and we lost a huge asset, along with a plethora of services, with no hope of stopping it. Great, just what anyone needed, an attempt to follow in those footsteps. Hopefully, there will be enough solidarity in ON to actually make a difference. We couldn't pull it off here(teh corruption ran way to deep anyway), have to wait and see if the gov't of ON actually listens to anyone other than self interested consultants, which is probably what's going on, and they probably work for CN.
  by labaienordique
Petition nearing 2500 signatures...
Facebook group surpasses 14000...

One of the big points that the mayor Al McDonald said in an interview (former MPP for Nipissing) the reason the province has continued involvement providing these services (Northlander, Polar Bear Express & Intercity Bus Service) is because most of the communities serviced by the ONR are simply just not viable serviced by the private sector. So regardless if the province divests itself from the ONTC, they would still have to subsidize the service in some capacity.

Let's face it, the reason there is a passenger train between Cochrane, North Bay & Toronto (and connecting service to Timmins, Kapuskasing & Hearst) is because of the incredible distance that exists between these northern cities, towns & villages from the Ontario capital. Though the highway between North Bay & Toronto is nearly four-laned, the argument that because most of the communities serviced by the Northlander have road access is not entirely reflective of the current reality. North of North Bay, highway 11 is a single laned highway for 1200 kms up until you arrive near Thunder Bay. Cellular service is hit & miss in certain areas (particularly on the stretch between North Bay, Temagami up to Latchford). The drive from Cochrane to Toronto is 716 km (1432 km return) & on a good day, takes about 8 to 9 hours drive (again one way).

Timmins to Toronto: 704 km / 9 hours
Kapuskasing to Toronto: 833 km / 11 hours
Hearst to Toronto: 929 km / 12 hours

Factor in bad weather, road closures (with generally no detours), the risk of striking wildlife (moose, deer, the occasional bear) & the incredible cost to fly and you have yourself an interesting situation living in Northern Ontario. I believe these are legitimate reasons to continue with the passenger rail & bus services and to expand those services (rail at least) to Sault Sainte Marie & the communities along the North Shore of Lake Huron in Sudbury & into North Bay.
  by labaienordique
More updates...

CTV's Cindy Males reporting from north Bay where local leaders are scrambling in the wake of the government divesting itself from the ONTC.
http://northernontario.ctv.ca/northbay/ ... deo=645458

Council chambers packed for special meeting on ONTC

Archive audio of Liberal’s previous pledge not to allow ONTC privatization
http://blog.rogersbroadcasting.com/ckat ... atization/
Everyone: I noticed the topic about the possible end of the ONR "Northlander" and possibly ONR itself...

In the Urban Toronto forum that I also belong to there is a topic in the Transportation and Infrastructure section concerning
the ONR that members here may find interesting...

http://urbantoronto.ca/forum/showthread ... -Northland

  by labaienordique
Closing in on 3500 signatures...
16000+ facebook membres...

'Please tell the Premier Get your hands off the ONTC,' Kelly

Council, business, union solidarity for ONTC
http://www.northbaynipissing.com/2012/0 ... -for-ontc/

Letter Regarding Sale of ONTC Being Sent to Premier
http://blog.rogersbroadcasting.com/ckat ... o-premier/

Premier’s “grenade” takes attention off ONTC sale
http://blog.rogersbroadcasting.com/ckat ... ontc-sale/
  by labaienordique
Facebook group has just surpassed 17000 members...

ONTC workers bring fight to Fedeli’s door
http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... edINHHth7o
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