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labaienordique wrote:NDP vows return of Northlander
http://www.nugget.ca/2014/06/06/ndp-vow ... to-service" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Guess it won’t be coming back now....and no surprise when its route north of North Bay is adequately served by ONR Bus. Anytime I rode (other than holidays) there was never more than a bus load riding anyway.

But what would make sense is a summer weekend train between Toronto and Huntsville and possibly North Bay serving Cottage Country......perhaps using idle GO Train equipment just like the weekend trains to/from Barrie. Too bad a portion of the Newmarket Sub is missing or the trains could just continue on from Allandale Waterfront.
  by Tadman
Guys - can we please remember to post a fair-use quote when we post a link to an article? It's site policy and it makes for a more readable post. If the post takes a stance on either side of an issue, it helps the reader understand the stance (and thus support your cause, like restoring the Northlander).

  by XC Tower
Any more talk about the return of the "Northlander"? (I'm still hoping to get back to Cochrane in style.)

Thank you.

  by XC Tower
Thank you, Mr. Norman. I prefer Lefty Frizell's rendition of the song actually.......

  by XC Tower
......And still hope for a train journey back to Cochrane.....

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