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  by gaspeamtrak
Sorry I can't find a ONR Form so I'm going to ask about it in the Via Rail Form if it is ok?

Can anybody tell me what the order of the consist is of the Northlander these days, engines/generator/passenger/snack car ?
I may be taking a round trip on it during on it during the first week of August and am curious about it.
  by labaienordique
Typically, both North & Southbound trains consist of (listed in order):

- one ONR engine
- one generator car
- two passenger cars
- one snack car

During peak seasons though, I've seen Northlander trains with up to 4 passenger cars & a snack car.
  by Tadman
With GO's surplus F59 fleet and the value of a '38 to shortlines/branchlines, I'm a bit surprised the province hasn't shifted a few F59 to ONR and put the geeps up for sale. I have it on good authority from a former BNSF manager than GP38 in good shape will bring better money than most small/mid power. Certainly more than a high-geared turbo'ed passenger unit.
  by Tom6921
Keep in mind ONR also has substantial freight operations so ONR shouldn't be in a hurry to sell off the GP38s.