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  by metraRI
While not in Chicago, down in Nashville Pullman cab cars are only months away from starting new service. It is interesting to see what was changed for the new service, and what is left from the days in Chicago.

  by c604.
Woah that's interesting...old 8700's with K5LA's and no gong bells. Is that legal to do in this country? :wink:

On a side note, I remember ten years ago when Metra was pushing to get rid of the 8700's as leaders and one of the main claims they had was "the old cab cars can't be equipped with ditch lights due to physical limitations" Right.....

  by MetraF40C607
Wow, a K5LA. On the cord that should be on, I bet you can do some neat things with that. To bad they got ride of all the external extras, though. That's what made them cars look so damn cool.