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A Cab Cars in the fresh new green scheme that’s replacing the dowdy old ‘70s GO image….trails a mid-day train at Toronto Union Station.
At Unionville on the Stouffville line….the train will reverse and head back downtown.
Pushing back to Toronto and at Unionville....GO Buses provide onward connections.
  by Backshophoss
Has BBD and GOT(Metrolinx) sent a set of plans and a renewed license to Athearn to make HO scale models of the new style cab car?
  by Tadman
I never liked the new colors. The OP remarks that the old colors look like 1970's, but the new colors are straight out of 1968. They look like they belong inside a Lincoln Continental with a vinyl roof.
The GO logo with the sideways T for ‘Government of Ontario Transit’ is from May 1967....but IMHO that new green.....Fresh and Clean!

But as Kermit says:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRZ-IxZ46ng" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
  by Tadman
Wow, all these years and I never noticed the sideways "T". The Canadian railroads produced some really timeless graphics around that time. Especially CN - you look at the noodle on a brand new widecab GE and it feels like it was developed recently. You see a shot of the Super Continental and it looks like CN brought back passenger service. Fleming was on his game that day. Same for the multimark at CP, the "VIA" tracks, and the GO_T. AMT, not so much. They've changed names 3 times (maybe more?) and I've never found the paint scheme compelling. It feels like they ask a local university graphic design department to hold a contest once a decade.
  by deathtopumpkins
Funny you should mention AMT's name changes...

As of June 1, they're now RTM instead of AMT. Not sure if this means they're due for another change of livery.