• Oldest RDC's in commuter service (Not tourist)?

  • Discussion about RDC's, "doodlebugs," gas-electrics, etc.
Discussion about RDC's, "doodlebugs," gas-electrics, etc.
  by 3rdKeag
As a 2nd generation NH employee, I was surprised to see in a magazine (RF&RR) a photo of two former NH RDC's, NH RDC-2 No.121 (Built 5/52) and RDC-3 No.129 (Built 5/53), still in active service under their own power as back-ups on Tri-Met in Oregon. That's close to sixty years of service! Tough birds those RDC's. One is left wondering just how many of those early RDC's, 1955 and earlier, are still hauling commuters (Not tourists) under their own power, and where, as well as wondering what is the oldest RDC in commuter service today.