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Discussion relating to the PRSL

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  by mitch kennedy
Here's some stuff I shot in the 80's-my Dad and I shot the 70's stuff. Hate to see this great forum so dead lately-Where are all the PRSL fans and employees???

GP40-2 leads 2 SD40-2's n/b at Bridgeport in Nov 87-note the geese!
GP38-2 leads 2 GP15's n/b betw. Bridgeport and Paulsboro June 87-check out the old PRR crossbucks still all over the place back then!
view northward towards the Paulsboro movable bridge -summer 1972 or 73...
closeup of old PRSL Paulsbor frt. sta.
2007-2008 layover at Carney's Pt. crew office July 74 (power for WY842)
  by mitch kennedy
So am I!!! Can't post CR stuff even tho its still all PRSL-too much backstabbing and bickering (Marinoff vs Lee, the Mongo affair, etc) Caught up with some of the old guys like Acton etc and old Magnolia kids like myself.....I posted 5 shots of the old PRSL CM91 crew.. heard from Acton and brother Bernie and not much else...
  by SJRR
Thanks for posting the photos. I enjoyed looking at them. Any old railroad photos from southern NJ are appreciated, especially Conrail Era stuff. PRSL is way before my time though I also enjoy looking at those photos as well. Thanks again!
  by Steam man
I'm still here. Currently working on a little project Seashore Lines enthusiasts might like. More news later. :wink:
  by louisfols
Thanks for great shots.

All the fans are on the histerical site talking about the new book adinfinitum!!
Not much content there except "me too".
  by mitch kennedy
Thanks for the comments. Mr Avis-glad you're alive and well! Here are some more CR-era shots.......
WPCA 51 at Winslow Sept 87 at Winslow-note the Amtk on the connecting trk to the AC Main!
CM91 hitting the Cape May br at Bairdmore Ave in Sept 78
Switching at 84 lumber at Jackson Rd-still has the Bishop home signals in place-March 1980. Ex Rdg SW1200, ex-EL caboose. Note the OCF plant still an active CR customer . At the left of the unit is the old stone pier for the original death-trap Jackson Rd overpass-with the 90-degree bend at each end! SCAAAAARY!