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  by Tadman
Here's a neato pic:

It shows freight cars in the stub tracks on the West end of the old Gary Station. I've never seen freight cars stored there - was this just storage or unloading of LCL? Although I'm so used to freight and passenger being seperate groups now, I don't think in the same mindset of the 1960's, where box cars could be spotted at a passenger platform as long as they were moved in time... Also there's a lot more storage at the old station between the two stub platforms and the yard, compared to now - what was all that storage needed for? I assume some coaches and locomotive were stored there overnight at one point.

  by PRRGuy
Well, back then I know they had a "Gary Job" usually with a 800 towards the end. Maybe it's just putting cars there to get "in the clear" or the Gary station agent is cleaning them out for a customer.

  by Tadman
PRR, I don't know if you're a big First & Fastest reader, but there's a fantastic "Gary Job" article about ten years ago, with mostly pictures of 803 rolling local freight around Gary and East Chicago. How is that freight handled now? I know SCP, which took over the Georgia Pacific facility, never has freight cars delivered. Are any other customers left?

  by PRRGuy
Off hand I can't think of any Gary customers, except for a landscaping company that gets rocks and boulders on the old "Flour Track" near goff Jct. CSS freight doesn't have any customers from Burnham yard to there. Also, the B&O interchange at East chicago is gone, they take the B&O from Miller now, I've seen them switching in the East Chicago yard as well and heading toward Barr Yard.

Here's a shot of 2008-2009 I took last year in the CSX yard in East Chicago.

http://nictd1000.rrpicturearchives.net/ ... ?id=529509