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  • Discussion of present-day CM&Q operations, as well as discussion of predecessors Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway (MMA) and Bangor & Aroostook Railroad (BAR).
Discussion of present-day CM&Q operations, as well as discussion of predecessors Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway (MMA) and Bangor & Aroostook Railroad (BAR).

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  by Highball
The information below was quoted from another railfan news site, of a Crude Oil train to Saint John, N.B. next week. At least, six axle power can be utilized for the train's entire trip. With last weekend's unit train via PAR, 4 axle power was used between Bangor and Mattawamkeag Me., due to 6 axle unit restrictions over that portion of PAR trackage.


" A train 606-245 showing on the line-ups in Wisconsin when I checked earlier. This #606 has a profile from New Town, ND to St. Luc, PQ with interchange to the MMA for furtherance to Irving Oil in Saint John, NB. Planned departure ex-New Town at 0930 Saturday AM and projected arrival into St. Luc next Tuesday evening (June 5th). Give the Maritime Boys a heads-up if you want! "
  by fogg1703
I wonder if they will run the full 104 cars or split it due to profile of the line.
  by saintjohnrailfan
Don't quote me, from what I heard, I thought this unit train was only going to be 80 cars.

I could be wrong, though.

  by fogg1703
I know the Irvings are very tight lipped about their operations, but I have heard they are now capable of unloading 192 cars in 24 hours with 4 shunts, meaning the unloading racks hold 48 cars at a time. I have also heard they plan on adding addition unloading racks as well. So if they have the ability to unload almost 2 unit trains in 24 hrs depending on train sizes, what drives unit train lengths? Is it the loading terminal? The railroads that they travel over due to length restrictions (B&A main in MA)or line profiles (MMA)? Or pure economics from marketers?
  by MEC407
CN9634, can you elaborate?
  by cpr2816
Hello everyone , just to let you know , that the MMA just run their 1st oil unit train , the train just pass in front of my house whit 4 units MMA758, an HLCX, an NBSR and a GE 36xx , first 3 units are SD40-2 .
  by fogg1703
Thanks for the update CP2816. Can I ask where you saw the train? The locomotive consist is split between MMA and NBSR units which is interesting?
  by cpr2816
The train was in St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu , QC in direction of Farnahm , QC

Units : MMA 758 on the lead , CEFX 81xx, NBSR 6201?, (all 3 SD40-2) and MMA 36xx (GE)
  by Frank Jolin
It left CP St Luc Yard in Montreal around 2300hrs, then Farnham Yard around 0400hrs. Power was MMA 758 HCLX 8144 NB Southern 6200 MMA 3609 and MMA 8583 picked up at Sherbrooke for the grade east of Lennoxville. I paced it from Eastman Qc to the Maine border east of Megantic. I headed back home with MM&A 3000 West i.e Job #1. I will post photos tomorrow.
  by Frank Jolin
That message was posted last night, but it was probably moderated since I had to get a new account. I will post photos later on today. Frank
  by fogg1703
Thanks to all for the info and as always great photos Frank. Interesting that NBSR power would migrate to Montreal to pick up this train. I have read MMA is trying to ready more power at Derby for the possibility of increased crude traffic, but are they that short that 2 NBSR units are required or is this an effort by both MMA and NBSR to have a seamless run from Montreal to St John?
  by JB283
Where would someone find these pics on here?
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