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  by lstone19
The last two nights on 2235 (5:05pm MD-W departure from CUS-N), we've taken a rather odd route through A-2 crossing from our normal track 3 to track 2 in the eastern half of A-2 and then crossing back to 3 on the crossover just west of the UP diamonds/double-slips. I can only assume they're having a problem with one of the double-slips on 3 and can't get it to line for the MILW.
  by doepack
Those same switch problems at Western Ave. spiked Monday evening's rush on UP/W as well, with train 47 (1704 out of OTC) taking a 20 minute hit, and effectively delaying everything else behind it. I rode 41 home Tuesday afternoon, the switch heaters were in full force throughout the plant, and we incurred no delays there (although we did have to do a quick reverse move at Villa Park when the engineer overshot the station). Meanwhile, other trains in the back half of Tuesday's rush were also delayed, though not quite as bad as Monday. But according to the service updates section of Metra's website, I only recall seeing delays for UP/W on Monday, nothing for MDW or NCS...
  by lstone19
Both nights there was a UP-W train waiting at the A-2 home signal. I assume that was 47 which normally moves through there ahead of 2235. Normally, 2235 starts three minutes of exclusive MD activity as almost always track 1 is already lined up for Amtrak 339 which is a 5:08 CUS departure (three minutes behind us). And usually we pass an inbound on the diamonds and another one while making our Western Ave. station stop. It's a time when any delay moving traffic through there will cascade very quickly.