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  by Beccag
I'm traveling from Montreal to Moncton (and then back again) in economy. I was wondering if the only food options are the dining car or is there a toaster/microwave available for general use?

I have a specific diet and just want to be able to plan ahead. Thanks!
  by Ken V
You can bring and consume your own food on board, but there are no meal preparation facilities (microwave, refrigerator, etc.) available for general passenger use aboard VIA trains. While the dining car can provide for various special dietary requirements, this service is only offered to Sleeper Touring class customers (with 10 days advance notice) and not for those in economy class. There is more information available on VIA's web site: http://www.viarail.ca/en/useful-info/sp ... medication

However, you might want to contact a VIA Rail agent to see if any special arrangements can be made for your particular situation.
  by timberley
I'd say the same as Ken said, you should contact a VIA Rail agent to ask about it.

While this may not be official policy, I have seen passengers on board on several occasions have the crew member at the snack-bar/takeout counter heat something up for them in the microwave. This has generally been later in the day though, when "business" was slow. So you may be able to get it done, but I would strongly recommend you ask a VIA agent. The general policy is that you may consume your own food, but you must have it all prepared and with you.