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  by JJMDiMunno
mb38 wrote:Would it be possible to come into Wildwood via the old PRR right of way in North Wildwood - skirting the new developments and housing in Anglesea.
Also there is an abandoned swing bridge near the Grays Ferry bridge that could possibly be used at Ocean City
I believe so, yes...if service ever were to return to Wildwood in any capacity, that would be the way to go.

Mike DiMunno
  by drifty1
What kind of bridge would it require to reestablish Wildwood Service and how would you cross or go under the Garden State Parkway..... Lets talk minimum expenses..................but good idea to get a surplus bridge and refurbish and move it to the Ocean City Location

  by glennk419
The ROW into North Wildwood passes under Parkway near the Rt 147 exit. It is still largely intact as power lines now run along it.
  by drifty1
Too many assets have been encrouched upon and that is why we do not have them anymore. Hope this is not going through the Zoo. Now in this time of High Gas Prices these shore communities should downplay the use of cars and push public transportation...................where would this old PRR Line cross Rt 9 and enter the North South Current CMSL? Again what a tremendous cost..... I believe it going to cost 150 Mil to refurbish a 21 Mile section of the West Trenton Line. This appears to be under 5 Miles to link this one and a sizable bridge to cross the intercoastal waterway..................much like Ocean City but probably a span as big or bigger than the bridge in Atlantic City. The AC Line cost about $60 Million some years back.... People will balk at the expense. Who knows what Wild wood service would cost but it would would be probably double the cost of redoing Ocean City service.........
  by drifty1
Looks like the Atlantic City Press has reported that $20 Million will be allocated to repair the dilapidated Beasleys Point Bridge. What a waste of Money. Better spent on Ocean City Train Restoration perhaps; As to the writer that believes the Old Pennsylvania Railroad right a-way goes under the parkway..... don't be so sure of that. North of Highway 147 which goes into North Wildwood and Stone Harbor the R.O.W spills out onto I think its called Golf Course Road. This is a North South Road that is a stones throw from the Northbound lanes of the Parkway. Its all at grade . The parkway will eventually eliminate the traffic signals on the section going south into Cape May.... A cross under for future Rail expansion should be made................This could be included in any elevation of the roadway to eliminate the traffic signal problem.... Again more costs...........

  by glennk419
The ROW from Wildwood Junction passes under the parkway SOUTH (note I said "near") of the Rt 147 exit. It is clearly visible from the highway.
  by drifty1
The Wildwood Junction crossed Rt 9 and headed throuugh West Wildwood to the Oak Ave Station. I Believe all this was connected in the Early 20th Century. It appears from archived maps that there was both North and South Lines from Oak Ave Station. The Southern Lines headed into Wildwood Crest and Northern Line into North Wildwood. This probably linked up to the abandoned line which runs North and parrallel to Rt 147 into North Wildwood............Was there another bridge into the barrier island that spun off from the Railroad that ran into West Wildwood? Looks like from looking North from 147 there are two Vast stretches of Navigable waterways that need to be bridged..........Also on this ROW it appears the bridges accross the smaller creeks were made of concrete. Looks from the maps also that what is Now New Jersey Ave was one of the rail routes used. Both of these ROW's are several miles apart........
  by drifty1
A natural area is being planned for the track bed and approaches to the Crook Horn Creek Area.......Supposed to include biking and walking paths and a raised boardwalk area over the marshy pools and streams. Also looks like a fishing pier will be built in the area where the bridge was located. Access will not be open for vehicle traffic, only bicycle and foot traffic....................Ocean City has recently taken out permits with the DEP to erect this rail trail.........................Lets hope somewhere down the line when gas soars over $5.00 a gallon that this right of way can co-exist for both transportation and recreation.............
  by firthorfifth06
funny about all of this....I actually strongly envision an NJT Cape May Line service which would provide DMU connections for Ocean City and for Wildwood. Just keep dreaming, I s'pose...
  by Pacobell73
Funny thing about Jersey politics. The local government in Ocean City has zero---zero---interest in the train ever returning to their fair city. They actively ripped out the rail infrastructure all along Haven Avenue. NJT has no interest in resuming service, and the line was not officially abandoned. So the Ocean City segment died a slow and painful death. There is nothing worse than the "little by little" treatment, where the pro-rail advocates and praying and hoping the the line might have a chance, going back to visit the remnants whenever possible only to see another piece of history ruined.

Wildwood was cut and dry. Outright abandoned and dismantled in 1976 (I believe) under the final days of the Penn Central.

Cape May is the sole holdout. And poor Tony Macrie has had his hands full dealing with a line owned by NJT (who does absolutely nothing to help him), a local government who wants his trains gone, and a bridge that, as he once quipped, is his "worst nightmare." At least the line is running at all. For that, we should be thankful. If NJT had a brain in their head, they would offer to do a joint venture with Macrie and bring the trains back from Winslow Junction to Cape May. Or, if thety have no interest, sell the line to Macrie outright from Tuckahoe down. Instead, they watch from the outside looking in.

Three different branches: one outright gone, one removed in bits and pieces, and one trying to make something for itself. This could be a book, a movie, you name it. The funniest thing? PATCO still had old maps on display at Woodcrest Station until recently showing the three branches as active, run by NJ-DOT!

Only in Jersey.
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  by John Johnstone
I used to go to Ocean City regularly in the Summer and always noticed the RDC cars and was disappointed when I learned the service had ended. The last summer I saw the passenger trains was 1983. I hope this helps.
  by dlagrua
Restoring Train service to OC would be an expensive affair. The largest expeense would be rebuilding the RR bridge from Stoney Point to Ocean City. If NJT ever takes over the operation of the line to Cape May and the train starts running to Winslow Junction again, then there might be some hope. Currently only a small struggling tourist line uses those tracks for a few summer months. Maybe the stimulus package wil bring some funding to NJT so that they can restore regular rail service there. IMO its badly needed.
  by Pacobell73
Former site of 51st Station here...
http://www.bing.com/maps/default.aspx?v ... &encType=1 Just dirt now...
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  by JJMDiMunno
The passing siding remained in the trees there at 51st street the last time I was down there (a few years ago)...I see that's now been removed thanks to those homes built at 51st and Haven...

Mike DiMunno
  by Pacobell73
Looks like most of the rail was lifted but ties and ballast remain. As small as the Crook Horn Bridge was, it does make it hard to consider service. See here...
http://www.bing.com/maps/default.aspx?v ... &encType=1

In Ocean City proper, track remains in place (and relatively passable) between 50th and just short of the 46th Street grade crossing (paved over) see here http://www.bing.com/maps/default.aspx?v ... &encType=1.

45th Street is paved over as well, and then the track picks up again, albeit one washout (http://www.bing.com/maps/default.aspx?v ... &encType=1)

This is the stretch that is far back enough from angry NIMBys where speeders could have some fun. Then there's another washout between 40th and 39th streets (http://www.bing.com/maps/default.aspx?v ... &encType=1, and then the tracks are gone for good. Some stray piles of ties here and there, but pretty much a mess. By Haven Avenue and 35th Street, it's all over. Paved, gone, history.

At Haven and 29th, the official bike path begins, extending down to 25th Street....http://www.bing.com/maps/default.aspx?v ... &encType=1

There used to be a small stretch of trackage in the Haven Avenue median between 24th and 20th for years, but it looks like the city finally gutted that as well and replaced it with a non-trackage median.http://www.bing.com/maps/default.aspx?v ... &encType=1 Wow, poweer and $$$ really do rule the roost.

Which brings us to the NJT Bus Terminal at 10th and Haven. Because nothing represents progress in America than replacing trains with busses.http://www.bing.com/maps/default.aspx?v ... &encType=1.
Real transit hub Ocean City has. Right near a McDonald's.

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