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  by Jeff Smith
https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2023/ ... nine-years
A night train linking Berlin and Paris will return in December, nine years after the service was cancelled, the Austrian rail operator ÖBB has announced.

ÖBB has been a pioneer in bringing back night trains as Europeans look for low-carbon travel options.

“The service will start on 11 December from Berlin with three trips per week before becoming a daily service in October 2024,” said Bernhard Rieder, an ÖBB spokesperson, on Wednesday.

The trains will make stops in Strasbourg, Mannheim, Erfurt and Halle.

ÖBB will make Mannheim a hub for night trains, with its Brussels-Vienna and Paris-Vienna services also making stops in the city.
  by Gilbert B Norman
Interesting to learn; on a May 1990 trip, I rode the then Berlin to Paris service. At that time the DDR still existed "on paper" so upon leaving Zoo Bahnhof at about Midnight (whoops, better say 1159P, there's no Midnight on any railroad, over here or over there) which was the main station in West Berlin, the Attendant lifted everyone's Passport to show to the Authorities both entering and leaving at Madgeberg. It was returned to me without incident.

Approaching Aachen, now time to get ready to change trains with about a half hour layover
Time for me to run inside and get a Wall Street Journal (no longer a European Edition in print). On the platform for the Coach only connection on to Paris I met two Russian gals who spoke English. We shared a Compartment, and one gal took a photo of the other holding my Wall Street Journal (the USSR had about a year and a half left to live).

Arrival in Paris (Nord) was about 3P.
  by David Benton
Traveling in 3rd world countries about that time, the international Herald Tribune was the most commonly available paper.
  by Gilbert B Norman
Mr. Benton, the IHT became The New York Times, which is still published.

It is simply a "rehash" of articles that appeared in the New York and National editions some two days earlier.

Nevertheless, there was my "comp" copy hanging on my hotel room's door, ready for me to chase off with me to coffee and donuts at a Starbucks adjacent to the Salzburg Hbf.

Oh, and €9,00 for such sure beat a €30,00 Breakfast at the hotel; and threw in a 1.6 klick walk as well - and again, my thanks to an English-speaking Barista who got my Wi-Fi working while there.
  by Gilbert B Norman
I just did a search of www.nightjet.com and, yes, Paris (Est) to Berlin is there.

On NJ 40469 leaving Jan 18 at 1912 and arriving 0826, you can have a Compartment with a shower all to yourself for €304,90.
  by Jeff Smith
The Guardian
Europe’s geography ‘kind of reshaped’ as Paris-Berlin night train returns

Advocates for rail travel hope the revived connection will help people to experience ‘the joy of the journey’

The first night train between Berlin and Paris will depart on Monday evening after a nine-year hiatus, plugging a significant gap in Europe’s increasingly comprehensive overnight rail timetable and giving a boost to travellers looking for a realistic alternative to flying.

Widely viewed as a jewel in the crown of European rail travel, the service was cancelled in 2014 despite angry protests.

Nicky Gardner, the Berlin-based co-author of Europe by Rail: The Definitive Guide, said the new Nightjet service was an inspiring and vital contribution to European infrastructure and integration.
  by Gilbert B Norman
A report on WBBM 780/105.9 that this Paris-Berlin service is to start December 18
  by David Benton
"Midnight Trains drops plans for hotel quality sleeper train network"
https://www.railwaygazette.com/passenge ... -070624-JM

I would say you need big $$$$ to take on the state owned railway companies. even $ 10 m seems a bit light.
  by Gilbert B Norman
From Rocky River Inn New Milford CT--

Mr. Benton, there appears nothing "Luxo" about the new cars the OBB is placing in service on their NightJet fleet.

Obviously, OBB has decided the market is for "Econosnooze" and planning for a higher grade short of Orient Express simply isn't there.