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  by brettj22
I'll be staying in the Courtyard in Oak Brook Terrace next week for a business trip. I'm planning to go to Wrigley for a game while I'm out there. The hotel recommended Westmont station to get to the city, but the hotel appears to be equal distant from Westmont and Villa Park. Is one station preferable to the other? As a somewhat railfan I might try to ride one way from one and one way from the other... Also, what's the best combination of CTA trains to take to get to Wrigley off of either of these trains? I'm a pro at NYC Transit but my time is limited and I won't really be able to learn trial by error while I'm out there...
  by Tadman
I'd take the BNSF route, I've had good luck with that line. I can't offer much advice about the UP-W line.
  by JohnD1
I regularly take BNSF to work. But in terms of convenience, they both come into town right near each other, and you will have to walk a couple of blocks to get to the L from either station.

Off peak, both have hourly (almost) service. This is especially true in the evening. You can easily check the schedules at Metra's web site. I think BNSF to Westmont is a little faster than UP to Villa Park, but that again can be checked.

I am guessing that the hotel will drive you to the station and pick you up; I see that all the time at other stations. So, whichever one the hotel wants to use, that is the one to use.
  by doepack
While BNSF does have faster service overall to Westmont, be advised that there are a pair of two hour gaps at Westmont during midday on BNSF inbounds heading into Chicago, as opposed to one two hour gap at Villa Park on UP/W, so that may be something to consider depending on how much time you've got to get from point A to B. Riding to Chicago on UP/W from Villa Park, and back to Westmont on BNSF may be your best bet...
  by vxla
Actually you could also take the #301 Pace bus (depending on where you're staying) to the Forest Park 'L' station, then transfer to the Red line at Jackson.