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JLJ061: I have seen this CTA accident video on numerous news reports since its release...
This is definitely a video that speaks for itself...

  by BandA
Now we know the maximum grade subway cars can climb :wink:
  by orangeline
Local TV news this morning showed the lead car being transported by truck in pieces to the Skokie shops. The reports said work is underway to restore operations at the O'Hare station. I was stunned watching the video of the crash. I would have thought the bumper would have stopped the train cold!
  by TrainManUPRR
Not going that fast! I think they're rated for only about 15mph.
  by jogden
orangeline wrote:I would have thought the bumper would have stopped the train cold!
Bumpers look pretty sturdy, but when they have to compete against the weight of a train, they pretty much always lose. The only bumpers that have a chance of stopping something cold are the ginormous earth or concrete bumpers that are anchored deep in the ground and several feet thick. Wheel stops are the worst bumpers, they just fall off the end of the rail!
  by Tadman
Last night I was over along Milwaukee Avenue for dinner, right by the subway portal. Some but not all of the trains headed outbound displayed blue Rosemont destination signs. I understand this is the literal destination, but given that the trains are a major part of O'Hare service and the shuttle is only temporary, isn't the Rosemont sign a bit misleading, especially given that half of O'Hare riders are not from town? Kenny Smith from Dallas has no idea that Rosemont is the temp transfer for O'Hare.
  by Milwaukee_F40C
CTA is probably making announcements and pasting bulletins all over the Blue Line. That's what other systems would do, anyway.
  by keithsy
Dear Friends,
I was truly saddened and shocked by the terrible accident last week. Thank God, it was not worse. I have spoken always highly of CTA, its modern cab-signalling and such a thing was physically impossible. We do not know the official cause, YET. I just pray for that motorman, that she heals from her injuries and that she is treated justly. That is all.
  by keithsy
MACTRAXX wrote:Everyone: I found out about this accident looking at CBS News this morning...

This train must have been moving at a speed significant enough that cars 3061-3062 (2600 series Budd cars) derailed with 3061
climbing the escalator bank at the end of the platform after going through the bumper block - the first question I have is did
the signal tripper near the end of the track apply the emergency brakes? Was this train just going too fast for the emergency
brakes to have any effect? I understand now the thought of this being the CTA version of "Spuyten Duyvil" noting that the Train
Operator had dozed off (???) on approach to the O'Hare Terminal...Luckily there were just some 30 injuries and nothing worse...

With this damage will 3061-3062 be written off or repaired? With the accident investigation under way it looks like the O'Hare
Terminal will be closed until further notice - and Rosemont-River Road be the temporary terminal for O'Hare Line trains...

D: I was a teenager when the February 1977 Loop wreck happened - my Uncle was on work train service and he may have been
assigned on one of the crews that were assisting in the clean-up of that wreck and no doubt it was one of the CTA's worst
accidents of that era...This made the news in NYC and nationwide then...

I was a young stud, 19. It was a Fri. night. The next day I was at the Electric Railroaders Assn. at 145 Greenwich St, across from the WTC. It snowed. When I came out on Church Street, I met a frequent contributor to TRAINS and we talked about it.

  by doepack
Bustitution from Rosemont is done. Normal Blue line service to O'hare back in business as of Sunday afternoon...
  by Gilbert B Norman
Mass Transit employees are not deemed to be 'railway employees' whose working conditions are covered under the Railway Labor Act. Therefore, I have no knowledge of Hearing and Investigation and Assessment of Discipline provisions on the CTA property.

But I'm just appalled when I hear of comments to the effect of 'this girl should keep her job'.

But the incident simply is one more in the annals of any transportation operations - operator/Engineer/pilot/driver fatigue is a factor not to be dismissed with comments, again, to the effect of 'you knew when you hired on that transportation is 24/7, so buck it up'.
  by dinwitty
pretty darn lucky there wasnt more serious injury. Midday would have been disaster.
It says a lot about people needing to work too much to survive and major overtime like this.

Theres more to look into than just the wreck its the dead man throttle but its work and living and how our lives are.
  by Backshophoss
She was on the extra board, figure on an "enforced" change of the HOS for wokers that are on "extra boards/lists"
by NTSB down the road.
CTA might catch some "flack" after her work record is checked by NTSB,if there were any "short" calls for her to report
for Duty.
By "short",meaning barely legal rest period between calls for duty.