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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by DogBert
Hope the museum happens. Momentum is on their side.

Any word on if the old cars will move Saturday?
  by GSC
Just yesterday I saw a youtube video on the movement of the rail cars. RIP NY&GL I think the video was called. Showed a M&E SW loco moving out a long line of cars. Box cars, cabooses, passenger coaches and baggage cars, flat car with a caboose and its trucks, two Geeps and an FA1, a revenue hopper, and others. surprised to see friction-bearing cars being allowed to be moved, especially over NJT. Two CSX Geeps took the consist from there to Port Jervis. The street running at the beginning seemed to be a frustrating operation for the crew. Good video.
  by DogBert
Mighty good video.

On the NYSW move, there's an extra two tanker cars and an ex CR caboose added. Anyone know where those came from?
  by ClearlyDiverging
DogBert wrote: Tue Oct 13, 2020 2:03 pm Mighty good video.

On the NYSW move, there's an extra two tanker cars and an ex CR caboose added. Anyone know where those came from?
The two tank cars were for the Stourbridge line for use in photo freights. The CR caboose is being stored on the Stourbridge for the CRHS. None of the 3 cars has anything to do with OTT. It was a move of convenience.
  by GSC
I watched a video yesterday of moving all the equipment out of Dundee Yard. That little Trackmobile had its work cut out for it. Why was that odd collection of cars stored there? I can't see much use in running an ALCO FA1 without turning facilities unless MUed with one of the Geeps. The coaches and baggage / RPO car, were they NY&GL revenue equipment? Shame the freight traffic dried up and the neighborhood deteriorated. It looks like the plans for using the caboose on the flatcar to become a police substation fell through. RIP NY&GL.
  by cjvrr
The odd ball items were the owners private collection of "stuff" there were some hyrail trucks and other items in the collection too. None of those ran but I guess he picked them up for a decent price and for better or worse he kept them from being scrapped for a dozen or so years to live on.

Other than the GPs and the one stranded DME cover hopper, none of the other items were used in revenue service.
  by New Haven 1
As I have family that lives in Garfield, I spent whatever time I could walking the relatively short distance from their house to Munroe St. to check for action. I can remember peeking through the fence at the large chemical plant that was on Munroe St. and being amazed at how many different spur tracks there were in there. It really is sad to see the demise of another piece of rare street trackage, especially one that I was able to see when simply visiting relatives as opposed to travelling distances.

I guess if nothing else, it is good to know that rather than being scrapped on site as some had speculated, the equipment got to travel it's home rails one last time and better yet, some folks did great jobs capturing these movements ( Thank you very much from all of us! ) so the existence of this unique piece of railroad can be viewed by those who weren't lucky enough to see it in person.
  by therudycometh
Update on the ex-NYGL equipment that was pulled out of Passaic in October:
  by Pensyfan19
Further information about specifics:

http://railfan.com/former-nygl-equipmen ... new-homes/
HAWLEY, Pa. — Three locomotives that once belonged to the New York & Greenwood Lake Railroad have found new homes in Washington and New York.

In 2020, Operation Toy Train, a New Jersey-group that gatherers toys for children during the holidays, acquired 13 pieces of equipment that had been stored in Passaic, N.J. While much of the equipment fit the group’s needs, some of it was deemed surplus, including two GP9s and a former Long Island Rail Road power car built from an Alco FA. On Monday, it announced that one of the GP9s and the FA had been acquired by Klarr Locomotive Industries and the other GP9 was purchased by DeAndre Walters.

The two locomotives acquired by Klarr will be sent to the Inland Northwest Railroad Museum west of Spokane, Wash., where they will be restored into their original appearances. The GP9 was built as Northern Pacific 317 and the FA was built as Spokane, Portland & Seattle 606. Klarr Locomotive Works is owned by Derrick Klarr, who recently spearheaded the effort to return a “Big Sky Blue” painted Great Northern GP9 to Kalispell, Mont. (See Preservation in the January 2021 issue).
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