• NYC "Safety Wherever" Caboose?

  • Discussion relating to the NYC and subsidiaries, up to 1968. Visit the NYCS Historical Society for more information.
Discussion relating to the NYC and subsidiaries, up to 1968. Visit the NYCS Historical Society for more information.

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  by Boston-and-Maine
I was wondering if the caboose pictured below is actually prototypical. When I searched on Google I could not find anything about an NYC cupola style steel caboose, never mind one in this livery. Any input would be appreciated!
  by NYC1956
That model is based on a Santa Fe prototype. It is nothing like any New York Central caboose.
The paint scheme looks familiar, though. I think I have seen a photo of that on a New York Central caboose.
I'll do some checking and get back if no one else has responded first.
  by NYC1956
The New York Central Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment, volume 1, page 97 has a picture of this color scheme on a standard NYC wood caboose.
The picture was taken at Toledo, Ohio in 1963. The match looks accurate, even to the caboose number - 18096.
Apparently several cabooses received similar green and white safety theme paint schemes about this time.
Farther back in the same book is a picture of a bay window caboose with a similar scheme.
  by Boston-and-Maine
Thanks for the info NYC! So, the below model is a more accurate representation of the car shown in your book?
  by NYC1956
Hey, Boston-and-Maine, are those images of actual models or something photoshopped?
I'm curious as I've never seen anything like those before.
So, back to your question - I had to go check my references again.
Yes, the latest image showing something modeled after a NYC "standard" wood caboose, with the low-profile cupola, looks pretty close.
Some wood cabooses received plywood sheathing in later years - the only steel cabooses were the bay window cabooses.
The image of 18096 in the book shows the opposite side, but it looks like the paint scheme would fit what is in your image.
A few caveats:
The model sits much too high on the trucks. The trucks should be either U-frame or T-frame NYC caboose trucks with leaf springs.
The prototype 18096 was built in 1882 and was looking worse for wear when the photo was taken. It had angle braces attached between the body bolsters and roof line. They looked like either cable or truss rods with turnbuckles. That is probably a detail you don't care to model.
The stove chimney looks to be in the right place, but there is another vent or chimney on the model that should not be there.
Printed photos often exhibit strange color shifts, but the green color may be a little too deep. The three or four photos I have seen of green (not "Century Green"), safety slogan cabooses show what looks more like a softer, almost gray-green color. And, yes, black roofs and yellow safety appliances.
Looks like you are right in the "ballpark".
  by Boston-and-Maine
That "standard" wood caboose shown in my previous post is an MTH Premier O scale model. I believe their stock images are done in some sort of Photoshop program though, hence why some features look a little odd. Yes, I imagined that it sits too high and also I have read elsewhere that with this model the trucks are placed too far apart. I will be replacing the stock ones with leaf spring replicas. I really appreciate all of you input!
  by NYC1956
Since you are trying to make this model more accurate, here are some additional details:
Length over end sills 35' 0"
Height over rail 13' 7/8"
Truck centers 20' 0"
Let us see the end result