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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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Just a thread to poke around and see if anyone had any news/updated on Dick Robey's NorthShore Railroad group (NSHR,NBER,LVRR,JVRR,SVRR,UCIR) I still get the monthly board mailing via email to stay in tune with happenings. Recent news included:

- new board member, Dr. John Spychalski who was appointed November 10, 2009 by the
Centre County commissioners Great Guy, former PSU Supply Chain Prof. who is a knowledgeable scholar on railroad and their business functions

- Mr. Stover reported that with the discharge or Jeff Pontius from North Shore Railroad, the Authority may
want to consider a resolution of contribution of Jeff's services to rail service in the region and to the
Authority. Anyone know what happened?

- Mr. Robey stated that the request he made to the Rail Authority was to restructure the seven separate
corporations by folding them into Susquehanna Union Railroad, a holding company which has been in
existence for a couple of years. Request was denied by SEDA COG JRA

- Whiterock Hawbaker Quarry: GOH is putting the finishing touches on the asphalt tanks and
related equipment. Rail deliveries of asphalt may commence in January. Both coal (PSU
bound) and road salt (American Rock Salt) have been delivered and unloaded with
Whiterock's state-of-the-art unloading facilities. PSU Coal, cool!

- The Brand New First Quality Diapers Mill in Lewiston, served by JVRR, is now online. First Quality also has the mill in Lock Haven.

Anyone else have any new info on the NorthShore?
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http://www.centredaily.com/2010/03/31/1 ... ellus.html

"WELLSBORO, Pa. — The need to transport millions of pounds of sand and other materials to the rapidly increasing number of Marcellus Shale natural gas well drilling sites in Pennsylvania is bringing big business to railroads.
The new business is arriving as Pennsylvania's railroad operators - the state has the most in the nation - were suffering shrinking demand for loads of traditional materials, such as coal.
A system of six railroads in northcentral Pennsylvania, including the Lycoming Valley Railroad Co., is enjoying a 40 percent increase in business over last year's first quarter, said chairman and CEO Richard Robey....

Also, a picture of the Penn State Unit Coal train that was hauled to Glenn O. Hawbaker's Pleasant Gap quarry was in this month's issue of TRAINS Magazine.
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Rumor has NYS&W GP38 2012 bought and coming to North Shore property.
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Cool news...

Forwarded from the Buffalo Line group:

Paul K has spotted the first rail car over in Castanea last night.

On 2/28, the Nittany and Bald Eagle RR (NBER) delivered its first tank car in
Castanea, PA in Clinton County. This section of ex NYC line near Lock Haven has
been dormant for over 30 years, and was rehabbed by the SEDA-COG JRA to service
a chemical plant, and to also develop new business. The NBER Marketing team then
did the rest. A 2nd client is in the process of building an unloading facility
to serve the growing Marcellus Shale market as well. Penndot Rail Freight
grants, and local SEDA-COG JRA funding have restored yet another line to service
in the region! This 1.9 mile ex NYC line, the original Beech Creek RR mainline
from Jersey Shore to Clearfield, was sold by Conrail in 1996 to the Clinton
County Industrial Development Agency, who then transferred ownership to the
SEDA-COG JRA in 2008. Conrail referred to this track as the Mill Hall Industrial
track, and it was in service down to Draketown, but o/s from there to Castanea.

The Penn Central Beech Creek line was severed on June 23, 1972 by Hurricane
Agnes flooding east of Castanea, and never restored as a through route between
Jersey Shore and Mill Hall. The Penn Central RR in July 1972 built a connection
from the PC Bald Eagle Valley Branch to the Beech Creek Branch to service the
customers in Mill Hall and Castanea. Congratulations to the NBER staff for
securing this new business and the SEDA-COG JRA for the foresight in preserving
this railroad link for future use.
  by bk77
Yesterday I caught Lycoming's KH25 with the HLCX 6229 (SD40-2) third out. Is the the first time any North Shore railroad has used a 6 axle?