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  by Tadman
No joke - I saw a dilapidated ex-Ontario Northland, exx-Dutch Railways coach parked in a yard outside of Amsterdam. It was painted in very faded Ontario Northland colors, with the end doors boarded or plated over. Anybody know about these cars going back to Netherlands?
  by NorthWest
These sets were originally built as the SBB RAm (2 sets) and the NS DE4 (3 sets). One trainset was wrecked and retired, and the other 4 sent over.
The Werkspoor locomotives did exactly that in cold weather/less exacting maintenance and were scrapped.
ON retired them in 1992, and in 1998 five cars, including a drivers cab, were returned to the Netherlands. They sat in Hamburg for a while as their wheels needed reprofiling to European standards. For whatever reason, it took them until 2008 to repaint the cab car.
They plan to construct a new locomotive to the original design as funds permit.
  by ExCon90
Don't those cars date back to early Trans-Europ-Express days? What use does a European railroad have for a one-of-a-kind set (they have fleets where we have 3 trains a week), or are they intended for a museum?
  by Backshophoss
Believe the cars are headed to a dutch Rail Museum,
  by ExCon90
Thanks--good to know. They'll do it right.