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Discussion related to New Jersey Transit rail and light rail operations.

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  by Bracdude181
Just caught a weird train (I assume MM08?) at the Raritan River Bridge. It had a Comet V leading with an ALP45 behind it sandwiched between two other Comets. (Too dark to make out what they were)

Train is headed south. I think that’s Railroad West on this line?

Edit: The engine had a space force sticker on it.
  by JohnFromJersey
A shame you didn't get a picture. I've seen some weird trains before, one of the weirdest was a singular Comet car sandwiched between an ALP-45 and a GP-40. It was pretty late at night, I saw it going through Asbury Park, and it was heading South towards Bay Head.
  by GSC
Usually around 11 pm on Sundays, equipment moves will come down heading for Bay Head. This is around Asbury Park / Bradley Beach so time accordingly. All white loco 1000 (?) that looks like a Geep but isn't, is usual power. Also power can be PL42s or GP40s. Most anything can be in the consist, mostly dark passenger cars both Comets and Multis. Sometimes an ALP, whether a dual-power or an electric, can be seen in the parade. I've seen the power sandwiched in the middle sometimes. The return can be anywhere from just after midnight until almost two am, with another assortment of cars and locos. I've also seen the weedsprayer train a few times, late at night.
  by Bracdude181
A 1000 numbered engine? That’s one of those MP20 things they got a while back. Would be nice to see one. I can only assume the symbol is MM08 or MM98 (most of the time it’s MM08)

I do have a picture of that weirdo train I caught but it’s on my camcorder and taking pictures from an SD Card and putting them on Google Images is kinda torturous. You can only do it one at a time through some odd method.

Spoiler Alert: ITS NOT FUN.
  by GSC
The engine number was 1000-something. And I've been told they are MP20s, just couldn't remember. I was also told the symbol for the equipment moves was MM08. Nice variety. Not sure if it still runs. When I saw them, it's been a couple years. Somewhere back in this thread I think I posted about seeing these moves.
  by AceMacSD
We saw a 4100 series and 4300 series GP40 pair of light engines at Asbury Park heading towards Bay Head last Friday night around 6 pm.
  by GSC
Not sure of their numbers, but a 4100 and a 4300 GP40 are usually assigned to Long Branch as protect engines.
  by JoeSchmoe69
Caught MM08 leaving Bay Head this morning with a ALP-46 sandwiched in the consist. Kinda confused why they brought that dead weight south of long branch.

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  by GSC
I've seen that happen as well and wondered why. Mixed consist of assorted coaches and a ALP-46 stuck in the middle, in both direstions.
  by Bracdude181
That’s a fairly rare catch.

Speaking of the Coast Line they have 4217 and 4009 as power for the Bay Head shuttle right now.
  by Yankees1
I know NJT is in the process of acquiring 20+ new hybrid engines. Any chance they use these engines to eliminate the transfer at Long Branch? That could cut 15 minutes off of a very long trip
  by Bracdude181
They were supposed to get rid of the transfer when they originally got the ALP45s but never did. And that was in 2014 ish…
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