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General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.

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  by Railroadbound
Anyone know how long BC takes? After almost 2 years I got a conditional job offer. Everything is complete and qualified medically, just haven't received BC. It has been 3.5 weeks so far. Just nervous bc it's taking so much time. Surely they won't deny you after getting this far in process. Any words of wisdom?
  by Philly117
Railroadbound wrote:Anyone know how long BC takes? After almost 2 years I got a conditional job offer. Everything is complete and qualified medically, just haven't received BC. It has been 3.5 weeks so far. Just nervous bc it's taking so much time. Surely they won't deny you after getting this far in process. Any words of wisdom?
Background Check usually takes around 14 days to complete but can take longer if they run into any issues. No news is good news when it comes to your Background Check. Patience is key when it comes to this stuff. I know it sucks, I've been there. From my experience, calling HR will not help out any. I never did get a notice that all of my information was good. I was just left in the dark to wonder if they had balled my information up and thrown it away. Finally, about 6 weeks later I got a phone call asking for more information. It took me 5 months from the time I started my physical to the time I had a hire notification.
  by Railroadbound
Well I just found out I didn't get the job... Background didn't get approved even though I was forthcoming with all info. Is there a time limit before I can reapply?
  by peace89
If you've already completed your background and drug screening for Norfolk and your status on the applicants page has changed "To Be Hired"..... Does this mean your next step is to get scheduled for training or is there another step you need to follow? The reason why I'm asking is because I noticed my status change on the site and did not receive a call or email from anyone. lol so I'm just anxious to know what's going on
  by SC06
I been through the same process as most with NS. my application status states "not selected". although I have not received a rejection email, what does this mean??
  by Marnos
SC06 wrote:I been through the same process as most with NS. my application status states "not selected". although I have not received a rejection email, what does this mean??
Speaking as someone who has also been through the NS interview process unsuccessfully several times, I can confidentally tell you it means you have not been selected. Your rejection email will come eventually and might be in your spam box by the time I post this.

Sorry you didn't get the offer. NS selection process is one that perplexes many, including myself. I wish I knew what kind of credentials they were lookng for so I could go about aquiring them. But if I did know, I could sell that information and make enough money to not have to work for anyone period lol

I know its easier said than done I realize, but hang in there, stay strong, and keep trying if its something you really want to do.
  by SC06
So even after going through filling out all the paperwork for background and medical and completing every step in a timely manner, they still reject you?
  by Acela150
It's possible yes. If their is something on your background check they don't like, mainly DUI and one thing that no one thinks about, Seat belt violations, to many moving violations. Even if you're honest. DUI is a huge one, with Seat Belt Violations coming a close second.

On your medical end that's possible as well. If you have an injury that has been known to be recurring that's a red flag.

Bottom line is just be honest. As long as you're honest that's all they want. But say you try to hide something like a seatbelt ticket and it shows up, don't think about getting hired.

When I was in my interview they asked if their was anything on my driving record. I was honest with yes, I have a DL suspension due to Medical Reasons from XXX years ago. I was asked why it was suspended, and was honest, I had a concussion and they thought it was worse then it was and they suspended it for my safety and others safety. Which was the truth they thought the concussion I received was much worse then it was. The recruiter and TM interviewing me were impressed with the answer.

Also the medical department will give you a certain amount of time to get the paperwork needed if they see an issue and need something from Doctor xyz, abc, etc. The person who handled my case said that since I was actively trying to get a letter from my Doctor that it was ok that I didn't meet the time line that I was given. Just as long as you're trying, they'll help you out.
  by Marnos
SC06 wrote:Well, just got my invite to mcdoungh!

Best of luck to you, stay safe out there brother !!
  by Chico
Wanted to update this with my recent hiring process experience as I know when looking for information like this the more information the better.

I was originally going to work for CSX as I know someone with the company but for various reasons that did not work out.

So here goes, im going to make this very detailed for you guys.

I follow Norfolk Southern Careers on Facebook (Something you need to do if looking for a job with the company). They posted a hiring event for Conductors in Tennessee, simply stated the time and location. I showed up and the line was extremely long, ended up being 250 people and they did not have enough room at the hotel. At one point it seemed like they were going to send us home. The event started at 8:00AM I got there at 7:30 and was still in the middle of the line. The gentleman in charge of the event came out and told us thanks for coming and they know some of us came from very far and that they had just rented a larger conference room down the road and to meet there at 9:45. Got some breakfast and headed over there with my friend.

Got there they had us fill out our applications by hand, with a few very specific instructions which I believe was to weed out anyone who could not follow instructions. The applications were then collected and we sat through an hour long power-point presentation going over the topics everyone on this forum has mentioned. (Pay, hours, drug policy, furlough etc.) I have to say, a lot of people say they find it boring but if you are really interested in the job the presentation is great, its full of information from start to finish. They are honest and tell you more than you will ever hear at any other interview or hiring event.

Now usually from what I have heard everyone takes the assessment test, but in this case after the power-point they dismissed us and told us to take a 15 minute break and they would post a list on the door out front of those who were selected to take the test. At this point I almost got in my car and drove home because there was nothing on my application or job history that would make me seem like a great candidate for a railroad job. I work for a major corporation in an office with a regular 9-5 schedule, and considering 90% of the people there were either veterans or worked in construction I figured I was toast. However I guess they liked that I work for a major company and have been here for 3 years because sure enough my name was on that list. Out of the 250 people who applied about 100 were selected to take the assessment exam and this was based strictly off the application you filled out. (They had people looking over them during the power-point and selecting who they wanted.)

So now 100 people left, and they set the exam in front of us. It is 88 questions and there are reading comprehension, math word problems and personality questions. I was nervous about this part due to having been out of school for a few years and rusty on my math and not being the most knowledgeable person when it comes to mechanical questions. However the only thing I can tell you is that the test is easy. I don't say that in an arrogant way or anything of that sort, but there are really only about 4-5 questions that I struggled with and the rest were very clear to me. My friend who came with me thought the same thing, so if you are a reasonably smart individual don't worry about this at all.

Once the test were turned in they told us to take a 30 minute break and then based on the test results they would post a list of who was selected for interviews. Out of the 100 or so people who took the test about 20-25 were selected. Thankfully I was one of those . Usually these interviews are done on the same day but due to the size of the group and how they had to start late due to the venue change they told those of us selected that they would contact us to set up the interviews. This was a few weeks ago and I just recently received the call to interview so well see how that goes.

Overall however, the experience was A+ everyone was professional but honest which is how things should be. If you have any questions please ask, I remember reading the forums and having tons of questions so im more than happy to help.
  by saleens330
Anything new or current?

I can give my experience for conductor and for Transportation Supervisor.

For conductor, the post above is still correct on how things are handled. You apply, get the invite, talk about the job alittle (good but mostly bad) then you watch a video. After that they tell you to take a 15 min break to think about it or call your love ones. For my class, I would say 50 showed up and 50 stayed. I feel most know the drill now and don't apply. so the ones there have done their homework. next we took a test (just one and it's timed) that's very easy/basic. I took my time and was probably the 10th one done. After everyone is done, they tell you that once they are done grading the tests, they will put a sign outside the door that may or may not have your name. I was on there. During the interview the first individual asked about why NS, a few safety questions and if I knew what I was getting into. the 2nd guy was more management and said "hmmm, do you know what I think and what you should do?" I wasn't sure if this was good or bad but he said that I should look more into a supervisory role with all my experiences. Told him that I would apply for OST like he mentioned. He also told me that they would hang on to my resume incase I didn't want the OST position.

Next I applied for MOW OST position. About a week later I received an email with a test. Test was mainly out of these 4 words, which one didn't belong. Or it would show a word and ask which of these words match this word. Not bad but it can throw a few words that make you say whaaaaaa.
anyways, about a few more weeks later I had a phone interview with HR. It was pretty easy and just asked questions about MOW, why NS, have I dealt with co-workers having issues and what did I do to resolve it. basic questions. She then went on to tell me that I would receive an invite to Atlanta for an interview. That one is two days long. first day, you show up that evening and they will talk about the OST or management trainee for MOW. a MOW rep was there and he talked about the position. Then you were given a time to show up for your interview the next day. The next day, you will have 2 interviews. They give you a disclaimer about working conditions, mode of travel and such, which you agree. Then the same basic why NS, can you work in these conditions, have you ever had coworkers have an issue and what did you do to resolve it. Again, basic questions. Second interview...the same questions. 1 or 2 might be different. Just think and say safety. Talk about how you are the S to Safety and they will love you. after everything I was told that they would give me a call within 10 days. After 2 weeks, I thought that maybe the holiday slowed the process but that following Monday I received the email of fail. No go for MOW.

Ok..fast forward about 2 weeks and the HR that called me the first time and I talked to in Atlanta, called me again for the OST transportation supervisor job. Said that she was sorry for the MOW position but thought I would do better as a Transportation. But...had to go back to Atlanta to re-interview. Did the same but this time got the conditional offer. Did the background and medical check. Background took more time to drive there than actually doing it (5 mins of paperwork) but medical has been longer. I mentioned shoulder surgery that I had about 10 years ago and low back pain. so I had to get all the documents for that, note from my Dr and from an Orthopedic that said I was good to go. That's taken over a month alone. Being done with it, nothing back yet. could be another week or another 2 months before they tell me something. heck, I could still possibly not get the job, though my background is clear (with a clearance still) and great health from my Dr.
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